RestaurantEngines.com – Bringing Your Restaurant Online

  • November 13, 2010

RestaurantEngines.comWhether you want to have a website for your restaurant or receive orders by phone, Restaurantengines.com might be of help. On this website you can find out more about the web services and applications for restaurants offered by Restaurant Engines. By browsing the site, you will learn about its iPhone and Android applications for delivery services.

Restaurantengines.com could be an interesting and useful site for you to visit in case you want to increase your restaurant profits. If you are a restaurant owner you can receive lots of orders by using these services and products. Step inside this website to check its web services and downloadable phone apps.

Remember this site next time you need web design services and phone apps for your restaurant. Pay a visit to Restaurantengines.com to find data on how this company could help you by creating your restaurant’s website. What is more, you can also get iPhone apps to receive restaurant orders.

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Foodler.com – Order Food From Local Restaurants

  • July 25, 2008

Foodler.comAre you thinking about Friday’s menu? If that’s your case you might consider visiting Foodler.com. This site lets you order delivery and takeout from restaurants around you. You can order pizza in Boston, bar b que from a restaurant in Houston, or a Thai menu from a Bangkok restaurant.

Pick an area and see the list of delivery restaurants featured by Foodler.com. You can order Chinese menu, bar b que, or cheesecakes. Foodler offers a free, fast online delivery services available in all US states. Feel free to use this site to order your daily menu. Choose your Friday’s menu like vegetarian, Chinese menu, or Thai menu, in addition to bar b que and desserts like cheesecakes.

You can order pizza in Boston, or browse for a restaurant in Houston. Bangkok restaurants might be featured as well on Foodler.com. Find a delivery restaurant near you through this site, and order a takeout menu. Foodler.com

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MenuTree.net – Check the Menu Before You Go

  • September 4, 2007

MenuTree.netThe red and the orange colors that you first see when you log onto the site almost make you hungry already, the site is well designed and extremely pleasing to the eyes. The concept for the site, is brilliant, be able to access the menus of restaurants so you can choose who to get take out from or where you want to go judging by how good the cuisine seems and the prices on the menu.

This isn’t all that helpful for people that live in the United States as there are only 24 restaurants listed on the site from the US. You can search for restaurants by their name, location or cuisine, but it seems like none of those create very successful search results, 16 Indian restaurants total, 15 Pizza restaurants, 10 Vietnamese and 32 Chinese, and this is throughout the whole database, not just in a particular location. The site also has a blog to comment and read as well.

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GrabTakeOut.com – Local Resturaunt Listings

  • June 27, 2007

GrabTakeOut.comEveryone loves an evening out at a fantastic resturaunt, but when you’re travelling it’s often hard to get the real scoop on the food scene. Let Get Take Out assist you in finding great local resturaunts to suit your taste buds.

GTO provides you with the resturaunts’ menus, specials, delivery and take out information. So if you not in the mood for a high end resturaunt or getting out of your PJ’s and fuzzy slippers, GTO specializes in finding takeout resturaunts, too. GTO is equipped with plenty of information about all the types of you you like, from classic italian to thai and right back to Mom and Pop’s pizza joint.

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