TakeoffLive.com – Flexible Takeoff Software

  • July 16, 2011

TakeoffLive.comThis is a new digital takeoff software that enables users to calculate square footage, lineal footage and even volumes using a simple point and click interface. The way everything works, calculations can be handled in a matter of seconds, and without the user even needing to resort to a digitizer or a plan print. No, Takeoff Live enables users to take pictures with their cameras and use that to calculate areas and perimeters, and figure out how much material is needed for any specific job. And it can do so regardless of which material is involved – concrete, lumber, masonry, bricks… it is all supported to the same extent. A software like this one will be suitable to contractors of every kind, and professionals such as roofers and landscapers.

And the fact of being able to take snaps with your digital camera and use that to calculate measurements doesn’t mean Takeoff Live can’t use maps or prints – it obviously can do it. And a lot of different image formats are supported, including GIF, JPG and PNG. Blue Book and ISQFT plan files are likewise supported.

Takeoff Live costs $ 399. That gives you access to its every feature. And a 14-day free trial is also available for those who have a “try-before-I-buy” mentality.

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