TakeMyMac.com – Sell Your Apple Products

  • August 20, 2010

TakeMyMac.comTake My Mac is a company devoted to the purchase of Apple products only. It has the goal of providing everybody with a time-effective way to sell and recycle his old Apple devices, and avoid wasting time trying to do it himself.

One of the main advantages of such a service (if not the main advantage) is that the company buys just all the Apple devices that are offered to it. That is, nobody is ever turned down. If it is an Apple device, the company is going to purchase it regardless of its condition.

Also, the implementation leaves nothing to be desired. Having your item sold to the company is a matter of filling out a quote form online, and then having your device shipped free of charge to the company.

Take My Mac is also an eco-friendly company. It throws nothing away. Everything is reused. It gives old iPhones to bootstrapped startups, laptops and desktops to schools… anything that still has got life in it will be reused. Electronics always have lot of possibilities, and it’s good to see a company that maximizes them.

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