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Solosso.com – Have A Dress Shirt Designed & Delivered

  • June 14, 2010

Solosso.comSolosso will let anybody design a dress shirt tailored to his exact fit online. These are eco-friendly pieces of clothing that bear no branding and that are made using premium materials like fine fabrics (linen or premium two-fold Egyptian cotton) and stainless steel collar stays, along with mother-of-pearl buttons.

On the whole, these make for not only for greater elegance but also for enhanced durability.

The actual design process is made easier by the inclusion of three different shirt models, namely “casual”, “business” and “elegant”. Each one comes with some default choices that exemplify what a casual, business or elegant shirt should look like, but you are not forced to go with that design if you don’t want to. You can take it or leave it and proceed to design one of your very own.

Four different ways to measure yourself are actually provided, and you will even be capable of sending your favorite shirt in for the company to take the measurements and return it to you when your order is sent out. (Note that this service is available only for the ones who are located in Switzerland.)

Worldwide standard delivery comes free of charge, but you can always go for express shipping. Check the prices that apply by visiting the “Countries, Delivery and Taxes/Duties” section of the FAQ. Standard delivery takes between three and four weeks, while express delivery amounts to one or two.

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