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DressmakerInABox.com – Buy Garments That Fit Perfectly

  • December 2, 2009

DressmakerInABox.comDressmaker In A Box is a company specialized in high fashion clothes, with the emphasis being placed on delivering clothing that fits perfectly to each and every customer. Its website lists the many products you can purchase online such as jackets, suits, skirts and dresses, and the company has just released a new body-measuring tool called the Fitting Garment that is very interesting and merits a paragraph of its own.

This garment measures the bust, waist, hips, etc, without ever using a measuring tape, and it does so in less than 10 minutes. It is made from a transparent plastic that the customer adjusts on each side until it fits like a body suit or swimsuit. In this way, the person can get her true shape or mold. Strips can also be employed in order to mark where the garment should end, as well as the length of sleeve and so on.

This garment gives stores and stylists a distinctive time-saving advantage, as the customer can forward her measurements and a visit to the premises is dispensed with.

In this sense, the Fitting Garment replaces the measuring tape that has traditionally been deemed as the primary tool used to measure the body. Women that usually had to go for standard size clothing will now have the chance of going for an option that suits them every time thanks to such a tool.

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