UnitedStyles.com – Design Styles Online

  • November 3, 2011

UnitedStyles.comA Shangai-based startup, United Styles lets you use a web interface to create and customize women’s apparel. This service (which is Facebook-connected) aims to let people recreate the whole design experience right on their browsers. UnitedStyles.com allows you to become your own tailor, at a time in which these no longer exist, or are available only to the people who can pay the very expensive fees they charge.

So, as a user of this site you can create your very own styles, colors and prints. You can then have them previewed on 3D, and (if you like what you see) have them ordered and delivered to your doorstep.

The site comes with lots and lots of charts to check sizing, so that you’ll be able to adapt your designs as you go along. If a friend likes anything you’ve ever designed, you’ll be able to get her a copy in minutes. It’ll just be a matter of changing that part of the original design.

For the time being, the site lets you design mostly dresses and tops, but more styles are meant to be added before too long. Right now, a top would cost you about $50, and dresses are priced between $80 – $100. UnitedStyles.com outsources all garment production to Chinese digital textile printers.

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CustomSuits.ca – Design and Order Your Perfect Suit

  • October 8, 2008

CustomSuits.caCustomSuits.ca allows professionals who want to look sharp, but are short on time and money, to create their own custom suits and shirts online.

From the home page, the site takes customers through a step by step process to creating their own suit. It starts with the base product (2 piece suit, 3 piece suit, shirts etc), followed by the fabric/pattern selection, then to the style and customization options available. The customer can then either save the design for a future date, or enter their suit measurements into an easy to follow profile and purchase the suit immediately. The suit is made to their exact specifications and then shipped directly to their home or office within 3 weeks. As a result of conducting business via the internet and outsourcing the tailoring, CustomSuits.ca can offer the highest quality fabrics at a fraction of any other competitor. Furthermore, the apparel is guaranteed to be exactly what you order or Money Back. CustomSuits.ca

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