Tagza.com – Tagging The Web

  • December 18, 2008

Tagza.comTagza is a social bookmarking website. If you never happen to have visited one, all you need to know is that these are web resources that have the objective of letting users share their preferred sites and blogs with others, comment upon these selections one way or the other, and make for a more realized surfing experience.

This site adheres to the foregoing definition, as through it you can not only share links in an immediate manner but also vote on the links that others have submitted so far. As it was to be expected, a “Top” category is included for you to quickly figure out what are the happening spots on the World Wide Web. You can also see weekly, monthly and yearly results if that is what you want.

For the time being, only sites in English are supported. It will be interesting to see if other languages are eventually accounted for, as that could no doubt broaden the appeal of such a web-based service.

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