TagsUp.com – Comment Search Results

  • February 23, 2011

TagsUp.comA new search engine, Tags Up comes with something that services such as Google and Bing are yet to offer: a built-in system that lets user comment on the results they get when conducting searches through it. Obviously, that is something greatly convenient as people will be able to access only these results that have sort of been pre-filtered by other users of the site.

This will be specially useful when it comes to ambiguous searches (IE, the kind that produce tons of results) as people will get to know what to check out first of all, and what to leave alone.

Other than that, the site has lots of different categories for giving context to any search (Web, Image, Video, Shopping, Auction, News…) as well as a full section devoted to trending topics. And the most recurrent tags are likewise highlighted for you to find what you need even faster.

All in all, yet another alternative for searching the Web. It has too much stellar company to really shine on its own, but it is a useful resource to keep in mind anyway. And the ability to comment on results is quite remarkable.

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