Tagstand.com – Buy NFC Stickers

  • August 22, 2011

Tagstand.comNear Field Communication (NFC) is something to watch out for. In case the name is new to you (quite likely, as the concept is still germinating), it suffices to say it is a technology that will let you pay for items just by tapping your phone against specially-placed sensors. In other words: NFC is going to radically change the way in which we buy items at any store. No longer will one be dismayed when he discovers he has forgotten his wallet at home after having waited in line for ten minutes.

Tagstand is one of the first companies that are intent on simplifying the way in which retailers can adopt NFC technology. It basically sells custom NFC stickers that come with URL tracking, and it has them shipped in less than 24 hours. This will be incredibly useful for small business owners, as other purveyors of NFC stickers (the vast majority of them, actually) tend to move fast only when processing large orders. Tagstand is targeting that problem directly, and aiding those who want to buy NFC stickers on small batches.

And the company also plans to develop libraries for programmers to integrate NFC into their applications much easier. But that is coming in time. For now, any retailer that wants to give customers a readier checkout experience will be able to get NFC stickers much quicker than anywhere else just by going for this company.

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