Tagsono.me – Tag People On Facebook

  • March 8, 2011

Tagsono.meTagsono is basically a fun service that lets you tag your friends on Facebook, and be tagged yourself if due turn. When talking about tagging others here, I am talking about giving people adjectives like grumpy, lovable, stingy, generous… That is, Tagsono is a service for the categorization of people.

These tags are given anonymously – if you label a friend as kind-hearted, he is not knowing that you applied that tag to him unless you tell him personally. And if someone tags you, you are not knowing who did it either.

And once a tag has been applied, others can vote on its accuracy, and also comment on it.

As I said at the beginning, this is basically a fun service. Yet, it is blatantly obvious that it can have some really worthwhile uses as far as ecommerce is concerned. Just think of how easy it would be for customers to rate these companies they have dealt with.

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