Hashtag Scout: The Awesome New Hashtag Search & Finder Tool

  • May 9, 2014

It is easy to feel like a slave to social media – especially if you’re not awesome at it. There is a special type of shame that goes with realizing that 14-year-old girls are better at some parts of your job than you are. This is not knocking 14-year-old girls. It is painfully clear that this particular demographic…


SEO For Dummies: 3 SEO Tips For 2013
(Get Seen, Not Scammed)

  • February 21, 2013

SEO is massively important for the success of your startup. You probably already know that. But, did you know that nearly 80% of SEO businesses are scams? So if you’re thinking about hiring someone to do this very important job for you, you’ll probably be sorely disappointed. Even if you’re an SEO dummy…


OnlyChat.com – Anonymous & Exciting Chat

  • October 12, 2009

OnlyChat.comSometimes you do not know what to do when you have some spare time due to the fact that there is not anything new to feel excited about. What if you find a site where you can make use of a system that works as fast, simply and easily as the MSN but totally anonymously? Read this review before you give an answer to this question.

On Onlychat.com you will not be required to create an account in order to use the system because the spirit of the site is based on anonymity. This is an open solution that allows you to get in touch with strangers from different countries just by setting your preferred language.

The most successful way to learn about this solution is simply by using it. Undemanding and understandable, Onlychat.com just asks you to set yourlanguage and you will immediately see a chat room with a number of participants on it. You can start a conversation and somebody will answer your questions immediately.

As a service, this online resource could be an alternative way to chat with people allowing users to say what they want to say in a totally anonymous way. The system offers different languages like Latvian, English, German, Russian, and others.

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99Stats.com – Learn About Your Site And Improve It

  • August 24, 2009

99Stats.comDo you own a website or a blog? Do you want to increase the amount of visitors? If that happens to be true, you might find 99stats.com an interesting site to visit. 99stats.com offers a free online web statistics tracker. This service will allow you get stats fast and easily, as you just have to register and insert a code.

99stats.com will let you get stats of your website totally for free. All you have to do is creating an account and then inserting a code to access all the stats you need. The stats include the amount of people that visit your site, and the keywords they use to enter your site , as well as the browsers they use and the country you visitors come from.

In summary, if you need to improve the services you provide to visitors, make sure to visit 99stats.com. This website will let you get web traffic statistics easily and for free.

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MyTweetopics.com – Track The Topics You Tweet About

  • August 10, 2009

MyTweetopics.comAre you looking into ways of becoming the next Twitter sensation and top those like Ashton Kutcher – IE, people who have become true Twitter personalities? If that is the case, you might like to reconsider – Kutcher alone has three million followers, and that is all the more remarkable if only because he is no longer the one celebrity on Twitter – when he raced against CNN he was one of the few stars who used to tweet. It would be nigh impossible to steal his thunder, but if you want to try anyway you will probably benefit from a service like MyTweetopics.

Quite simply, what it does is to let you keep track of the topics you are tweeting about the most. To do so, it takes your tags into consideration. Based on those a series of topic channels are created, and these topic channels can be embedded both on your site and your blog.

In this way, you will be able to see the level of interest your Twitter conversations are arising, and change your ways if you think you are failing to entice new followers, or even losing the ones you already had. Uncomplicated and free, this is a good addition to any Twitterer’s arsenal.

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EconnectEmail.com – Email Marketing Made Smooth

  • July 23, 2009

EconnectEmail.comThis service is advertised by the company behind it as “email done better”. What does that exactly mean, and what service could merit such a bold statement? Basically, what eConnect Email does is enable you to build email campaigns and track the results of the same effortlessly.

The most distinctive feature might just as well be the possibility to employ tags when sending out the emails, effectively transforming campaign reporting as we all know it.

Support is provided in the form of webinars that deal with every part of the process – from building up the campaign and implementing it to the tracking of its results, every step of the process is taken into consideration. Case studies are likewise provided for you to see how this system can be employed best, and what to expect.

At the end of the day, it is clear that the goal of eConnect Email is to complete with the big names. eConnect Email is a product of Hometown Marketing Group and you can learn more about this company and both current and forthcoming products at www.hometownmg.com.

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TweeterTags.com – Tag Yourself

  • April 18, 2009

TweeterTags.comTweetertags.com is an appealing search engine, that lets you conduct online searches for the top advertisers sites. You can save time when searching online through this site, as it will display targeted search terms from top advertisers.

Additionally, there are many benefits provided by Tweetertags.com when it comes to online search. The official site of Tweeter Tags was created to give users the chance to conduct any online search. The system will then display targeted search terms from top advertisers, and you will save time when searching online. You can save time when conducting an online search. You just have to enter some keywords, and take a look at the targeted search terms featured by this site.

Next time you need to conduct an online search and save time, you might visit Tweetertags.com. When you conduct an online search on this site, the system will show you the targeted search terms from top advertisers.

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MyBlog.it – Create Your Own Blog

  • February 18, 2009

MyBlog.itDo you want o meet new people in Italy, and all over the world? Now you can do that at Blog.alice.


This blog is powered by Alice.it, and gives users the opportunity to participate in many discussions about a wide variety of topics from sports, to cinema.

This is a space where you can learn from other people’s experiences, as well as to help others by sharing your own experiences.

In order to participate, you need to create your account first. After that you can enjoy from a Photopost system, where you can place all the pictures you want. In this way you will get anybody to know about you, and what you do.

In case you use this solution, you need to know that there is a section where you can get the day’s latest posts, as well as a huge list of tags. You can use those tags in order to find anything you need.

This blog is part of the Virgilio.it community, so you can be sue you will get to know a very important number of people by using this blog.


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TagCloudArchive.com – Have A Nice Tag

  • January 14, 2009

TagCloudArchive.comTag Cloud Archive offers a nice and simple way to have a unique tag linked to your website. By buying a tag, websites owners increase their sites’ probabilities to be visited in the future. This means an obvious advantage if you want others to get to reach your website when they are doing a generic search.

The tagged words are indexed during the search and if your page contains these words, the internauts will have access to your site. This is simple and easy.

There is a variety of tags’ prices, and you can find those that are very small just for one dollar, or bigger ones that are more expensive with a ten dollars top price.

The site gives you the option to click on the many tags shown, and also of buying the desired tags just by entering the word you are looking for. The process is very simple: first you enter the desired tag, then all details about it as size, URL for the tag to be linked, and an email address for security reasons. You can pay by using the Paypal system.


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Tagggit.com – Share What’s Real

  • November 13, 2008

Tagggit.comTagggit is a geo-tagging social network that allows members to find each other and the tags they left behind. Tagggit members can join communities, make friends, share tags, and leave comments.

Tagggit can be labeled as a blended social network. Blended social networks are different to traditional social networks as they offer a real world aspect to the online experience. This website helps members socialize in the real world instead of just in cyberspace like most other social networks out there.

Tagggit’s mobile application uses both GPS and a Wireless Positioning System to find the phones location. Tagggit is at its most useful in large cities as it solves the difficulty of locating friends and places in downtown areas.

GPS is not always good in built-up areas. This introduction of an accurate WPS, that gets a fix in under three seconds and accurate to fifteen feet will help change the way urbanites use their phones.


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YoBusted.com – The Paparazzi For the Rest of Us!

  • October 21, 2008

YoBusted.comHave you ever Googled yourself or your friends? How about your boss? Tired of getting the same old boring, professional results? Ever wanted to know what they’re really like?

If you’re tired of seeing Paris Hilton get all the press, check out YoBusted.com.

The site encourages users to anonymously upload hilarious party photos and videos of people they know, and tag their personal information. The site then sends the “new celebrity” an anonymous email telling them “YoBusted!”, with a link to their media.

Several days later, if you search for these “new celebrities” in Google, you will find their YoBusted party pictures on the first page of Google search results!

YoBusted respects people’s desire to stay out of the limelight, and allows them to delete content tagged to their names with the purchase of a membership.

Here’s the hook. The site pays commission to media contributors for membership referrals! College kids with thousands of photos already on their Facebook accounts can finance keg parties for the next 100 years!

You can even send in pics while at the party, using your smart-phone or PDA. There is also an anonymous blogroll, which is sure to catch fire, as well as online identity management tools so that members can track who is gossiping about them on major social media sites.

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Snezo.com – Buying and Selling Website Tags

  • October 7, 2008

Snezo.comSnezo is the very first online marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of website tags. Tags are one or two word descriptors that identify a website, for example ‘credit cards’, ‘games’, ‘casino’, and so on.

This is a truly unique concept that adds liquidity to tags. By using Snezo you can improve your website’s online presence. Anytime your tag is displayed on the Snezo home page or a user searches for keywords found in your tag they will be redirected either to your website or its information page on Snezo. Whenever a user searches for keywords that match your tag it will rise in value. This is because your tag is getting you more traffic to your website. The more users that search the tag, the better it is for you. On Snezo each tag is unique to just one website. Tags that have highly searched or brandable keywords will gain popularity quickly. For an initial investment of just $5 your tag will rise in value the more popular it gets. Snezo.com

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Tagatum.com – Associating Tags And Words

  • September 4, 2008

Tagatum.comOver at Tagatum.com, you’ll find a very ambitious project.

They’re trying to figure out the connection between what people write and what tags they use to describe these posts. This will allow them to make a more accurate search engine than we’ve ever seen before. You can use tags to find blogs similar to the ones you enjoy. Like I said before, the project is very ambitious, and the end results should be astonishing. If you want more people to come to your blog, you should investigate what the most popular tags for your subject matter are. This will make sure that when people look for those things, your blog pops up in search engines. Another great feature is that you can use the information found by this project to create your own applications for it through API. In short, this is something that search giants should take into account, as it will surely improve the quality of searches through the web.

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Discollective.com – The Site For Music

  • July 29, 2008

Discollective.comIf you were looking for a site full of music, this is the site for you. It is actually a music site for the poeple, by the people.

On the left side of the webpage there is a navigator bar containing: blog, daily dowloads, release dates, tags, latest reviews, latest lists, write review, create list, etc. Furthermore, there are lots of blogs in which you can exchange information, post your comments, or simply interact with like-minded people. The upcoming releases include: Conor Oberst, David Vandervelde, Fiery Furnaces, Jaguar Love, and Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, among others. From the web site you can search for artist and songs. Some of the daily downloads are: Boston Spaceships, Stereolab, Calexico, Fight Bite, Parts and Labor, Dungen, etc. The latest lists are Hoover Music, richard Thompson, Boogie Blues, Spring in Central Park, ACDC, Howard Tate, Old School, Rickdog, etc. You can sign in and register from their web site. Discollective.com

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Visible.net – Get Visible

  • July 23, 2008

Visible.netOur website mainly acts as a lead generation tool to help inform merchant business owners about our software products and services.Visible.

net provides innovative, full-scale hosted e-commerce selling solutions with built-in marketing and search optimization tools powered by PHP and mySQL. We also offer the ability for our clients to integrate with many popular third-party applications and other tools that can be used to compliment our software and service offerings. We pride ourselves in our ability to create and develop simple to use tools that are effective and work well within our individual client selling goals and business strategies. All services come fully supported and includes training materials, consulting help, advice and proprietary web-based tools which gets the ball rolling and allows our clients to reach their potential at a faster rate than other merchants. The site provides features and tools that are currently not found within most e-commerce platforms. Built-in marketing and SEO tools make it easy for our clients to get exposure the moment they launch a new store. The user interface is sleek, well designed and will be considered one of the easiest to use solutions on the market. The code and functionality are clean, light, fast and well tested. Visible.net

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Blemish-Free.com – Remove Blemishes Now

  • July 11, 2008

Blemish-Free.comDo you want to remove facial blemish? Are you looking for an alternative to IPL treatments? If that is the case, you might be interested in this site? Blemish-free.com offers a facial treatment that helps you remove blemish, acne scars and stretch marks.

What is more, this treatment help you reduce age spots from your face as well as freckles. Furthermore, if you are looking or an alternative to laser hair removal treatments this product can help you out. Blemish Free easily removes facial hair and it helps you reduce wrinkles and facial lines.

Are you looking for an alternation to IPL treatments? Woudl you like to remove wrinkles and age spots? If that is so you may want to visit Blemish-free.com and find information about laser hair removal, facial lines removal and stretch marks. Remember to visit Blemish-free.com if you want to remove facial hair, erase wrinkles and acne scars. Blemish-Free.com

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Bookmemark.com – Personal and Social Bookmarking

  • June 25, 2008

Bookmemark.com is a social and personal bookmarking tool.

This site allows users to add and store their own personal bookmarks, including their existing bookmarks saved on their Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Users can also save their bookmarks and public or private. Users may create groups with whom they can share their bookmarks. Bookmarks can also be mailed to friends with one simple click. Other bookmarks can be reviewed and rated. The most viewed links eventually can earn status on the Most Popular list. Users can also interact with one another by using the Scribble Zone tool.

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Seton.com – Work In A Safe Environment

  • June 24, 2008

Seton.comProviding a safe and secure working environment is one of the industries and organization’s responsibilities. Keeping the employees a safe should be every company’s top priority.

If your company requires safety guidelines and products, take a look at this site. At seton.com you will find the helping hand you need; they are identification and safety experts. Moreover, they have a large trajectory of over forty years. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing: signs, labels, tags, tape, pipe markers, security, asset tags, lockout and electrical, spill control, facility maintenance, etc. In addition to the aforementioned products they also feature printers, envelopes and document holders, personnel tools, training videos, etc. This latter can help you know what precautions you can take within your organization for protecting the workers. Within the facility maintenance section you will see material handling, mirrors, paints and applicators, speed bumps, etc. Seton.com

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MyOwnLabels.Com – My Own Customized Labels

  • June 23, 2008

MyOwnLabels.ComAt MyOwnLabels.Com you can put your names on their elegant custom-designed labels, favor tags and coasters to create beautiful personalized wedding and party favors, food or craft gifts, bath creations, wedding CDs and DVDs, baby announcement CDs and much more.

You can serve your personal coasters to guests at dinner parties, or give custom drink coasters as a hostess gift when you visit friends. You will find beautiful designs, exacting quality, careful typographic styling of your words, the finest paper and printing, a commitment to getting it to you on time, plus excellent customer service. First, you have to choose from their exclusively crafted styles, shapes, and colors, and then create your own wording in place of the examples you see pictured. Add a monogram to your wedding label or favor tag at no extra charge. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Labels, Bottled Water, Favor Tags, Coasters, Cards, Containers, Ideas, and Links. MyOwnLabels.Com

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