TagNow.me – Tag Your Friends

  • March 21, 2011

TagNow.meTagNow is advertised as a new game, but it is not more of a game than actually using Facebook to interact with all your contacts. You see, TagNow is a service that lets you apply tags to people, such as Funny, Boring, Sociable, Grumpy and so on. People will either accept or reject these tags that they have received, and then conversations will be started around these tags that were accepted. They will be able to defend themselves, and say why this or that tag is not really accurate, or why one that they have received could hardly be any more suitable.

These discussions can then be tracked via a news feed, so that people who have tagged anybody will get to know if anything new has been said, or if someone else has applied a new tag to their friends.

So, a game or a social application in the broad sense of the word? You are the one deciding…

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