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Top 5 Apps To Engage Customers (Both New And Current)

Top 5 Apps To Engage Customers
(Both New And Current)

Today’s restaurant owner is challenged with the changing landscape of customer marketing. No longer does a diner go to the yellow pages or even a home PC to make decisions about dining out. Now, consumers check their smartphones to make quick and easy dining decisions. Consumers often find restaurants by…

Read More – Using Smartphones To Pay Bar Tabs

TabbedOut is anew mobile application that is available both for those who have an iPhone or an Android. In essence, it aims to simplify the process of paying bar tabs by letting participating bars grab payments directly from the customer’s phone. That is, the customer can forget about paying the tab – the money will be deducted using a code that has been attributed to him. The way it all works, when a user of TabbedOut sets foot...

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