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  • October 13, 2008

Online classifieds are one of the areas were electronic media beats its print counterpart hands down. It’s not just a matter of accessibility – the rate of updates at play also counts prominently in the equation, turning online classifieds sites into a very alluring prospect for all concerned parties.

The SysFirst website is a newcomer to this field, and its main page is organized as these kind of sites are usually arranged – that is, split into different categories to browse through. These include “Items For Sale”, “Jobs” and “Business Services”. Further categories that can be searched include “Rentals, Roommates” and “Announcements”; the latter is where weddings, births and related events are publicized.

The site also features a search tool for finding specific information by providing a few keywords. Moreover, an advanced search engine is included and it enables the site’s users to conduct a search and narrow its results by specifying certain aspects. For example, the individual can look through ads that were posted within a given time range.

Finally, those who wish to post an ad can do so by following the pertinent link and supplying the information which is requested.

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