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  • June 24, 2012 is a good example of the widespread and international nature of the Internet. Al-Sham is a site, mostly in Arabic, that offers news feeds, a message board and many other amenities commonly found on English-speaking sites. Reading it with the help of a translator is a very interesting experience – it allows those unfamiliar with Arabic culture to take a closer look at how regular people think and feel and express themselves online.

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More – The Arabic Information Source

  • July 24, 2008

Middle-east-online.comIf you click this link and see nothing else that Arabic signs spread everywhere, don’t panic; just click the link at the left top of your screen, the only word you’ll understand: “English”. There you go.

Now you are enabled to understandably access the leading information source for Middle East. is an online publication which provides people from that area with the ultimate news about the zone, as well as continental and international news. The site is a little bit different compared to traditional American newspaper websites; you will access the different news sections on the left hand side of your screen, including business, opinion, culture, and more. Of course, you still have the most recent headlines at the homepage, where you can find news on most varied categories. The site features a local section called Arab Gates, through which you can access filtered information only related to Middle East countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, and many others.

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