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  • December 16, 2008

SyncOne.netBroadly speaking, SyncOne is an Internet aggregator that enables users to save information from any page via a mere mouse click. The information that is thus stored can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and this system has the distinct advantage of letting you access contents you have saved even when the page or site in question has gone down.

The basic concept at play is that of webclips. The term refers to portions or snippets of web pages that are saved for ulterior reference. SyncOne makes it possible to save information this way, and use it for study, research and comparison.

Moreover, there is a prominent social aspect at play since users of this web-based application can interact with each other through the site. This gives them a ready chance to discuss on the snippets they have saved, and see if they come across new relevant items this way.

When all is said and done, sites such as this one offer a different way of storing and sharing online information. If you feel such an approach will click with you, I advice you to pay the site a visit in order to have a taster for yourself.

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