More – Take Your iTunes In Your Android

  • February 10, 2012

If you use a smart phone with the Android OS, and also have a good library in your iTunes, you might want to carry your music with you in your mobile. At, you will get this app which will help you to synchronize your library with your smart phone.

In case you want to get this free app, you only need to download a client in your PC or Mac, and then launch Airbind on your Android device. The app will automatically find your music library, and start the sync process with just one click.

When your computer and Android device are connected to the same network, the software will even synchronize automatically, soy you won’t need to check all the time if there are new additions in your library which have not made it to you your device yet.

At the moment of this review, user comments on the Android Market talked about some disadvantages. For example, when you synchronize your library to carry around in your Android device, the whole library will be included. Maybe it could be more appealing if users could decide which tracks or folders they’d like to sync. This could also save from the problems that may arise when your device has little space available.

Like one user wrote, his library held 30 GB of music whereas his SD only had a 2 GB capacity. But although it needs some refining, the idea is a good one, it seems. At least, all comments came from users who decided to give it a try. This showed, if anything, that there is interest for an app like this one.

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More – Sync Your Google Account

  • January 6, 2012

InsyncHQ.comInsync is a service for turning your Google account into something similar to DropBox, as it lets you sync your data across different devices, and access it from everywhere. However, there’s one big difference at play, and it’s that Insync mainly lets you sync up docs. The service is nowhere as encompassing as DropBox, it doesn’t let you store and sync up any kind of file. It’s just your Google Docs.

But leaving that aside, Insync lets you have your docs shared and edited in all the ways that you could think of. It lets you authorize just any person you want to access your files, and give them re-sharing permissions in turn. And it lets you do that from all the computers and devices that you use to access the Internet.

Besides, Insync comes with support for multiple Google accounts at the same time. The one you use for your personal affairs and the one you use for your job can become one and all the same, and the docs you keep in each be shared and edited without having to switch from one account to the other.

And in any case, Insync has got a clear edge over DropBox in the sense that it’s a much cheaper service. DropBox charges you $2.00 per GB/year, whereas Google charges your $0.25 per GB/year. That’s almost eight times cheaper.

This is the download link for Insync. Once you have the application, you can sign in with your Google account here.

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More – Manage Social Data

  • December 19, 2011

SocialFolders.meSocialFolders is like DropBox, but the big difference is that it’s a service to be used with the data you have on social sites. This new service lets you manage all the information you have on websites like Facebook, Flickr and straight from a dashboard that bring everything under the same roof. SocialFolders works by syncing up all the information you have there with a desktop app that you can download and install for free. This application lets you have your data sent from one site to the other. You can take all the photos you have on a Facebook album, and have them sent to your Flickr account in just one click.

And the service also works the other way around, as you can send any photos that you have uploaded to Flickr directly to your Facebook account, and avoid the hassle of having to upload them all over again.

Besides, SocialFolders can be used to back all the data you have ever uploaded to any social service, and have it stored in your computer. Useful for these files that have become accidentally deleted or lost, and that now exist only in the cloud. SocialFolders lets you get them back for good, and keep them somewhere they’ll always be safe and accessible.

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More – Store Up To 10 GB Online

  • December 14, 2011

Cx.comEverybody uses DropBox to have his files stored and shared, but if so many would-be DropBox killers keep on being released then something’s finally going to break. SparkleShare and ownCloud were the two I became acquainted with more recently (I reviewed them here and here), and they all had some features to make DropBox look over its shoulder. And now, this new service comes along and offers something that nobody could say “no” to: a much larger vault to put all your files in. gives you 10 GB of storage, without asking for anything in return. Compare this to the 2 GB that DropBox offers you, and the difference is quite staggering. And the whole platform is also really easy to use, with you being able to select the folders on your computer that you want to have synced up with the cloud in a matter of seconds.

Besides, an affiliate program is provided. This will give you an additional 300 MB for each friend that you refer to the service, and who end s up signing up for it. You’ll be able to add up to 6 GB to your CX account like this.

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More – Create Your Own Dropbox

  • December 12, 2011

SparkleShare.orgSparkleShare lets you create your very own version of DropBox. This open source application can be installed into Mac, Linux and Android phones, and used to sync all the files that you have stored on different computers and devices. Just like Dropbox lets you do, really. And since SparkleShare is open source, you can modify the application as much as you want, and have what you’ve made shared with all your friends, and also with all of the rest of the SparkleShare community.

It’s all very simple and straightforward, and a good way to get started is by reading the provided wiki.

This is not the first open source application that emulates the way Dropbox works, though. Linux users have been able to sync and share files between devices for quite some time already by using a service named

And just in case you’re wondering, work is underway on the Windows and iOS versions of this service. No exact word on when any of these will be released yet, but the SparkleShare team is working on them.

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More – Facebook Photos On Instagram

  • August 11, 2011

InstaFB.comThe unstopped rise in popularity that Instagram has had practically since day one could but lead the service to something like InstaFB – an app that has Instagram coupled with the hottest social service of the hour, Facebook. Basically, what InstaFB does is to let anybody have his Instagram and Facebook accounts synced up, and share photographs in both websites simultaneously.

This new service is completely free to use, and simply by granting the application access to the respective accounts one will be able to have his Instagram photos automatically posted on his Facebook albums, and vice versa.

There’s not a lot more to add. The service is stable, and it does what it has set out to do without any kind of glitch. Try it out and see what you think – something tells me we are seeing officially-sanctioned apps for doing this before too long.

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More – Consolidate Your Bookmarks

  • June 27, 2011

TwoHub.comWhat good is having the fullest collection of bookmarks known to man if you can only access it when you are home, sitting in front of your desktop computer? That is like taking a car trip somewhere and leaving the mega-detailed map you had purchased for the occasion at home. You might as well never have bought it. And when it comes to bookmarks, the same logic applies. You might as well never have bookmarked the sites in question. And if you have ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to look up a site that you had once bookmarked and that you now need, but whose exact URL you fail to remember then this is a site whose usefulness you are surely grasping.

TwoHub can be termed a bookmark unifier. It is a web application that will let you consolidate all the bookmarks you have, and access them from anywhere you can access the Internet. You will be able to access them from as many different computers as you use, and also from different browsers. It is all done just by registering for an account, or by logging in via Facebook. It is all the same – TwoHub is a free application. Once you have authenticated who you are, it can aggregate all your bookmarks for you, and let you access them just wherever you are, and whichever device you have near.

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More – Work With Research Documents

  • June 17, 2011

Qiqqa.comIf you are a student or a researcher and you have to handle more documents than it feels comfortable, then you are surely finding a visit to this website fruitful. Qiqqa is a software application that can basically take all your academic and research documents, and have them managed for you. Qiqqa can handle all the PDFs and webpages that you have to work with, let you extract the most important ideas from each, and have everything visualized in a way that prioritizes readability. It also makes for syncing documents between devices – once Qiqqa is up and running, you will be able to access your research and academics documents from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Qiqqa is a software application that you must download and install on your computer. You can get it and install for free. So far, the one and only supported OS is Windows. But both Mac and Linux versions will see release sometime soon. These will come with the very same set of features than the Windows version.

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More – Sync Google Docs With Office

  • May 12, 2011

GDocsOpen.comHow would you like using Google Docs right on your desktop? Because that is exactly what this new application will let you do. By installing it, you will be able to edit documents that you have in your computer and that you have also uploaded to Google Docs, and have both updated at once.

That is, you will be able to edit anything on your desktop, and then by clicking a button you will have these changes reflected on the same copy of the document that you have on your Google Docs account.

In this way, working with local and remote versions of documents becomes basically the same thing. Everything is synchronized, without you having to upload and download different versions of documents (something that is not only laborious, but which also lends itself to confusions and unnecessary mistakes).

GDocsOpen is a paid application, and different plans are provided for those who want to use it on multiple computers at the same time Bulk licenses are also available.

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SyncDocs – Sync Your Desktop With The Cloud

  • May 8, 2011

SyncDocsAn application that can be downloaded and used for free, SyncDocs will let you work with Google Docs files locally. And the application can also be viewed from the opposite angle, as SyncDocs will let you take the files you have in your computer, and migrate them to the cloud.

When using this service, you will be able to have the docs your work with online copied to your computer and visa versa. The application syncs everything up the moment it is installed, and any change that is done in one place will be instantly (and exactly) reflected on the other.

Or (to put it in even clearer words) SyncDocs will enable you to turn Google Docs into Office. And to turn Office into Google Docs. You will be able to do all the things you would do when editing a doc online, and have the results instantly saved on your HD. And all that you do on your desktop computer instantly migrated to the cloud.

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More – Make Group Calls

  • January 12, 2011

JunctionVox.comJunction Vox is a new communication platform that simplifies the making of group and conference calls to no end. Junction Box makes it possible to call groups with up to 15 people at the same time, and without the need to schedule anything first. And when it comes to conference calls, these can have up to 20 different participants.

Junction Vox is a prepaid service; one minute will cost you 5 ?. There are no other fees to be paid, and once they are made calls can continue even if your balance falls negative. And there is no need to create an account either – you can sign in using your Google handle and password.

As you can see, this is quite a straightforward and transparent service. I think it will be specially attractive to small business owners who are looking for ways to save on costs without sacrificing an inch of effectiveness. If you are one such individual, Junction Vox might just be what you have been looking for.

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More – Synchronizing All Your Contacts

  • September 21, 2010

Cyncz.comAddress books have come a long way, and they keep on becoming smarter by the day. If you think about it, that had to happen.

Just think of all the different contexts in which you can befriend people and interact with them online that we have today, and it will dawn on you that the only kind of address book which is any good is the one that can take care of updating itself, and checking for duplicate entries as thoroughly as possible. And if you find that your current address book fails to deliver that, then CYNCZ is a platform that you might like to explore.

Basically, it will let you synchronize your contact data not only when it comes to different email providers like GMail and Outlook but also as far as different social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are concerned. And the most popular mobile devices of the day are already supported. This includes iPhones and Blackberries along with Android and Windows Mobile phones.

Implementing these synchronization services is a mere matter of signing up and choosing the plug-ins for every service that you want to have the data pulled from. The data is then analyzed and managed. Anything that is there more than once will be consolidated. And you will always be able to keep your contacts in as many different groups as you want, too. Your colleagues and your Facebook friends can be kept each in its separate place.

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More – Syncing All Your Past Conversations

  • September 2, 2010

ChatPast.comUsing different chat clients is absolutely commonplace. So is having a headache after the other when you are trying to piece conversations back, and you just can’t remember where it was that you said what.

Was it on Skype? Was it on MSN? Chances are you won’t remember it. And that is why a service like Chat Past is so useful.

In short, it can synchronize all the past conversations that you have had using different chat services. Everything becomes readily centralized and searchable, so that you don’t have to rack your brains trying to remember which service you were using when talking with your boss when he made an important request to you. It all becomes the same when using Chat Past. On the site it is claimed that this application will let you “find everything you’ve ever talked about”, and that is completely accurate.

Of course, a service like Chat Past will also let you share any conversation that you have had with any colleague with the rest of your team. It’s a mere question of retrieving it, and having it spread.

Three plans are featured. There is a free one for you to get into the swing of things and two paid ones, named “Consumer” and “Business”. These can be tried for free, obviously. And you can upgrade/downgrade your plan whenever you want, too.

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More – Sync & Back Up All Your Contacts

  • August 31, 2010

Syncfriend.comA new service that goes by a suitable name, Syncfriend will enable you to synchronize and backup your mobile phone’s (and Outlook) contacts and calendar. This service is provided for free, it is absolutely independent of your phone brand, and it is accessible anywhere in the world.

One of the most appealing aspects of the whole service is that you will be provided with a self-updating phonebook. This translates into the fact that you simply have to invite your friends to the service and you will be getting their contact information automatically. You won’t have to input anything at all. Neither will your friends – they are getting your contact information in an equally effortless way.

Moreover, Syncfriend can remove these contacts that are duplicated; the application checks each time you sync, and if something is there more than once then it will just be eliminated. And Syncfriend is really intelligent – it can detect duplicates even if they are not identical, and proceed to remove them.

As it was mentioned above, using Syncfriend costs nothing. And getting it to work once you have downloaded the app couldn’t be easier – a SMS that delivers the settings to your phone is offered for most countries and operators.

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More – A Neat Way To Handle Your Notes

  • August 26, 2010

SimpleNoteApp.comSimple Note is a free application that couldn’t have a more appropriate name. Those who use it are going to find they will be able to create notes and lists of every kind, update them whenever they need and have them shared with whomever they like.

The application makes it possible for users to keep notes just anywhere – on the Web, on their desktops, on their mobiles… The data that you store will become synced among all your devices. And once a note or a list has been put together, searching it is a simple task because the use of tags is extensively supported.

Moreover, you will be able to access multiple backups of the information that you have stored. A slider will let you go back in time until you find the revision which has the data that you need.

As it was mentioned at the beginning, Simple Note is a free app. Some paid features will be eventually implemented, but the core functionalities of the application (IE, the ones mentioned above) will always be provided at no cost.

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More – Have Your Pictures Displayed Online

  • August 20, 2010

DropGallery.comDrop Gallery offers a solution for syncing, sharing and storing photographs in the shape of a simple-to-use package that has a familiar and intuitive interface. Best of all, the whole service is provided at just no cost.

To get started, all you have to do is download and install the Drop Gallery app into your computer. By doing that, you are also generating an online gallery where all your images will be stored. And this gallery can be as open or closed as you want – IE, if you want only a couple of good friends to have access to it you can do that. And if you want everybody and his wife to have access to all your pictures, then you can also set that down.

Adding photos to your personal online gallery is as easy as adding them to the Drop Gallery folder on your computer. By doing so, they will automatically appear on your online gallery – and they will be as public or private as you have specified.

In this way, the syncing, sharing and storing of photos becomes not just quick – it becomes something entertaining, and an activity that is as secure as most people could want it to be.

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More – Syncing Files Across Several PCs

  • June 10, 2010

iDriveSync.comIf you work with multiple computers (something quite common nowadays), you must have gone through the extremely annoying process of mailing you a file when you are in the office for checking it when you get home later that same day, or during the weekend. Such a process is annoying not because it takes up a lot of time (it doesn’t) but because deep down inside you know there has to be a less archaic way of accessing files stored somewhere from another location.

And there is such a way. Applications like this one make it possible.

What iDriveSync lets you do is sync files across different PCs and access them from wherever you are located. Any change that you made is reflected everywhere, and you can also share the file (or files) with your friends and colleagues more easily. Updates to any file that is shared are instantly accessible to everybody, too.

As an application, iDriveSync has two different interfaces (“classic” and “Explorer”), and there are two plans that you can choose from – “Basic” and “Pro”. The “basic” plan is the free one, and it will give you 2 GB of storage to go by. The Pro plan comes with unlimited storage capacities. And in both cases you can sync up to five PCs at the same time.

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More – Access Your Files From Everywhere

  • June 9, 2010

HomePipe.netThis is the official site of Home Pipe Networks. This company offers a remote PC access tool, that lets you access to your home network and find files to share safely. Just register on and download the PC software offered. You can use any mobile device to access the web app and access your PC home network.

Remote PC access lets you do any Internet work and keep it safe in your home network, using Cisco wireless systems. Additionally, there are many benefits provided by when it comes to remote PC access and business networking. With the PC software you download from this site, you can find files to share from your home network.

You can gain remote PC access if you stop by at In addition, Internet work and your business networking resources will be safe and secure, as Cisco wireless technology is used to access your PC home network.

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More – A Smoother Way To Take Notes

  • May 25, 2010

Snaptic.comSnaptic is a service that will let you take notes wherever you are, and whichever device you have at hand. The way it all works you will be able to take notes when you are sitting in front of your desktop, when you are using your shiny iPad, or when you are on the go.

These notes will then become synced and accessible from any device you are using later on. (The syncing process takes place over a secured SSL connection.)

Moreover, the option of tagging and tracking geolocations definitely makes for easier reference. It certainly reduces the effort which is inherent to trying to memorize just why you made any specific note, and when.

Notes are private to begin with, but you will be able to share them with others if you feel like doing it.

Supported mobile devices include both iPhones and Androids. That is the main share of smartphone users effectively taken into consideration, then.

A Snaptic account can be created at no cost, and all the information you are requested to provide is your email, and a password to go with it. Once that has been dealt with you will be able to start taking notes and having them synced as it was mentioned above.

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More – Manage Your Files From Just Anywhere

  • May 15, 2010

MyWeboo.comMy Weebo is a file management system that has been specially designed for the Internet. That is, it will empower you to take care of files that you have spread the width and breadth of the WWW as if they were situated in a centralized location.

This is done by connecting all your web services and social networks as one, and giving you a unified profile for dealing with these files that inevitably end up scattered throughout the Internet. It is nothing to do with you – the mere fact of having a Facebook account means that some images will be found only there, and not on other accounts such as the one you have for Flickr, etc. And that is not counting services like YouTube and Google Docs.

At the end of the day, this service is as practical as its creators intended it to be. It will let you retrieve content that you might even have forgotten that you had uploaded to begin with, and save you from going hunting for it elsewhere. In that sense, My Weboo is an entirely accomplished solution.

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