More – Find Health Information

  • March 24, 2009

GuidedMed.comIf you need to find a very trustable source of information in order to learn more about a wide variety of health conditions, this is a very accurate and inclusive site where you might find what you are looking for.

This website was especially created with the intention to provide medical information through an exclusive search engine.

Although it is not a medical diagnosis tool, this solution is very useful when it comes to learning about which are the possible causes of different symptoms. works in a very easy and agile way. On this online resource you will find a list with the most common symptoms. You just need to click on the ones that best match your health condition and then submit that information. You will immediately see a number of questions that resemble the questionnaires usually made by your doctor.

It is very important to realize that this tool is not a decision making tool. Therefore, if you experience any of the list’s symptoms you must call your doctor and ask for his professional assistance.

One of the best things about this website is the fact that it is very clear when it comes to explaining what it is all about, and it’s basic aim. In addition to this, there is a YouTube demonstration where you can take a look at the way this system works.

Some of the symptoms you will find on this site’s list are the more generalized ones like head, neck, chest, abdomen, and back symptoms. Additionally, you can get all the information you need about pelvic, arm, leg, and skin symptoms.

In concluding, this is a very interesting site where you will be able to learn more about health as a whole.

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More – Live Chat With A Doctor

  • February 24, 2009

HealthcareMagic.comDo you want to take a better control of your health? Do you want to stop doing your self-diagnosis on the internet?

Now you have the chance to get a better quality of life by using the services provided by

This online resource seems to be a good option for you to get in touch with health specialists in case you need it. In this way you will be able to check your health, in addition to learn about many symptoms you might have to look out for.

In case you need to have a closer contact with your doctor, this website allows you to interact with him over the internet and phone. This company offers a novel service: To interact with a real doctor online and through the phone for free. In that way you will be able to share all your experiences, and evaluate all the different doctors and hospitals you know.

This site also gives you the possibility to interact with other patients through a blog. This blog will be very helpful in order to improve the company’s service. At you will find a very useful section where you will be able to ask all your questions about the system, as well as its many other features.

This is a novel resource that seems to be a trustable way to know more about your health, having real professionals working for you.

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More – Find Medical Answers

  • August 1, 2008

AfraidToAsk.comDo you have a medical question that needs answers? Is the old “I’m asking you to help out a friend” routine not working out anymore? If that is your case, then you should check out right away.

This site has everything you want to know about medicine and were to afraid to ask. Whether you want to know about Abortion or Basal Cell Cancer, you will be able to find out about that and more on the site. There are more than 90 health topics covered by the site, so you are sure to find the one that you want to know about. The information on the site should by no means replace that which you can get from a doctor, but it is very complete and should allow you to visit your doctor with some background information on whatever is ailing you. The most shocking feature the site has are the images. These often graphic pictures will allow you to know exactly what each disease looks like. Some of the pictures are animated, allowing you to see the natural progression of the disease or infection.

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More – Feel Better

  • July 24, 2008

Menopol.comThis online site provides plenty of information related to this business and the health care products and services that they offer customers. It includes a detailed description of MicroNutra Health and their mission and goals.

You will find lots of interesting and useful data about Menopol, the menopausal support formula. It offers a compete presentation of the benefits that this medication offers with a list of the ways in which it improves women’s body and confidence. Visitors will also obtain information about menopause, including data about its symptoms and other aspects. The site includes testimonials of those customers that have experienced these products and decided to post their personal opinions. If you are looking for further information about these products, you can check the list of the frequently asked questions and obtain all the data you need. Visit this online site and learn all about MicroNutra and Menopol and plenty of information related to menopause.

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More – Feel & Look Younger

  • July 24, 2008

TrueRenewal.comDo you want to renew and rejuvenate your body? This online provides plenty of information related to this business and the great products and services that they offer customers. It includes a detailed description of this company and the ways in which they help you to achieve your goals with their researches and natural products.

You will find a section that offers several product categories where you can search for these items by brand, alphabet of the new products. By selecting the category that you are interested in, you will find quality products for health issues, including diabetes, energy, pain, respiratory health and stress between many others. Each product is together with their brief descriptions as well as their corresponding images and prices. You will also obtain useful information related to their ordering and shipping policies. Along with providing a wide selection of products to improve your health problems, you will find articles and information related to health and symptoms. Visit this online site and obtain products that will improve your health.

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More – Healthcare Information

  • July 16, 2008

InfoMedMD.comInfoMedMD is an intelligent healthcare application which through a series of questions provides you with personalized medical information specific to you and your symptoms. InfoMedMD integrates the medical expertise of Dr.

Joseph Bentivegna with web technology to provide you with immediate medical information about your symptoms.

InfoMedMD answers your medical questions with health information that serves to educate and inform you before visiting a doctor. On the site you will find information on a variety of subjects including screening tests, erectile dysfunction, Lasik eye surgery, and much more. If you need more than a medical definition, this site is just right for you. InfoMedMD gives you the personalization you were waiting for. Medical Professionals can also take advantage of InfoMedMD. Custom Infomeds can record a patient’s history, review their symptoms, and include your medical opinion. This customized version of InfoMedsMD is unique to you and your practice and can serve to educate your patients, as well as save you time and money.

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More – Protecting You

  • July 16, 2008

FluStar.comAre you looking to protect yourself and your family against the flu? Do you want to learn about the spread of the flu during the influenza season? This online site provides all the information you need related to flu symptoms, treatments, records and plenty of further useful data. FluStar.

com is a network sponsored by Hoffman-La Roche Laboratories and aims to offer health care professionals and consumers, current information related to this issue. You will find a map of the United States where you can select your area in order to obtain a flu report. If you are not sure that you have the flu or simply a cold, you can obtain a clear description of the flu symptoms and find out which is your problem. You can also sign up for free alerts in order to know when this virus attacks. The site includes a section with current flu news where you can read about flu rates and expansions. Visit this online site and obtain all the information you need related to the flu and its implications.

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More – Prevention In Pregnant Women

  • July 10, 2008

Women-Health-Guide.comMost Pregnant women suffer at times from a number of very minor complaints. The majority of these are not significant but an occasional symptom may be of importance.

Complaints such as headache, stuffy nose, constipation, tiredness or backache occur equally in the non-pregnant, but in pregnancy their very presence may cause worry and anxiety. This site provides some informative pages to the expectant mothers, so that they can feel reassured about insignificant symptoms and seek medical advice for the necessary treatment. Women Health Guide is devoted to facilitating the prevention of diseases in women as a multi-faceted disorder problem with the intestines. On the right hand side of your screen you’ll find a long list of women and pregnancy complications. Access any of these links to enter specific sections and get useful information about symptoms and common disorders. The site features many articles with medical, technical information that you can put into practice when some problems arise during your pregnancy.

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More – Lung Disease Symptoms

  • July 8, 2008

DiseasesOfLung.comEither if you suffer from a lung disease yourself or you know someone who does, you might find this site interesting. At diseasesoflung.

com you will access to lots of relevant information regarding lung disease and any breathing problems. Furthermore, they specialize in sinus drainage, respiratory therapist, sinus cure, black lung disease, etc. On the main page of the web site there is a chart on the left side containing a menu. This latter includes: interstitial lung disease, 3m dust mask, lung disease symptom, chronic obstructive lung disease, breath, pulmonary lung disease, and smoker lung. In addition, they also feature all the symptoms related to lung cancer, for you to be aware of them. There is also a section designated to how to protect your lungs with thirteen suggestions. Within the breath section there are other links, like: shortness of breath, cosmetic dentistry, mouthwash, etc. There you will read about the bad breath cause and a bad breath remedy.

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More – Find Possible Medical Diagnosis

  • July 7, 2008

HelpMyHound.comIf your dog presents symptoms that aren’t usual and you would like to get informed on what may be causing this, this site may be your source of information. Here you will be able to find possible medical diagnosis for your dog.

Also, you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about the services that they provide. This site will allow you to perform an online diagnosis and the way to do this is by selecting the part of the body where the symptom is located. Then you will be able to combine this symptom with secondary ones in order to determine a possible diagnosis. In this site you will also find a directory of canine diseases where you can find information on the various diseases that exist. If you think you have veterinary skills then you can play the game online that this site has to offer where you can test your knowledge on this subject. Information on the many symptoms that dogs may have, pet tips, pet experience and information for professionals only are provided here as well.

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More – Information For Patients

  • July 7, 2008

BrainAneurysm.comA brain aneurysm is an abnormal bulging outward of one of the arteries in the brain. It is estimated that up to one in 15 people in the United States will develop a brain aneurysm during their lifetime.

Well, that sounds just creepy, doesn’t it? In this site you will find this and much more information about brain aneurysm. The site I am talking about is In the home page you will find the incidence rates of brain aneurysm, its symptoms, treatments, and more. Did you know that women are more likely to get a BA than men? You will find that kind of information at At the right side of the home screen you will see the latest features and news regarding medical research and treatment. The site will also show you the symptoms and diagnosis, some patient stories, treatment options, and more. You will even be able to find a physician through the site. Check out for more info.

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More – Guides To Health Issues

  • July 3, 2008

WomensGuide.orgThis site is an independent information guide that provides easy to read overviews on two important health issues that women face. Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about what they provide as well.

To search for a topic that you may be interested in you can look on the left hand side of this site where you can find the Osteoporosis and Menopause sections. For both of these you can read an overview of the topic, about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment as well. For Osteoporosis in particular you can find information on different supplements that help prevent or reduce symptoms, about the stress fractures that may occur, disease interactions and much more. For Menopause specifically, you can find information about possible hot flashes, cognitive symptoms, urinary incontinence, sleep disturbances, and much more that may happen during menopause. You can also find information on many herb remedies and hormone therapies to help you with the symptoms.

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More – Morgellons Disease Information

  • June 26, 2008

Morgellonswatch.comIf you suffer from the “Fiber disease” or you simply want to have some information about it, you should check out this site. At morgellonswatch.

com you will find lots of accurate info about this disease, like, its symptoms, among others. There is some information about the Morgellons disease available on the web, however, all of it seem to be inaccurate. The web site was founded in 2006 and has been providing data to many people since then. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing several links, such as: Morgellons and neurotic, Morgellons and dermatologists, doctors and patients, occam’s menopause, hystorical context, Morgellons on television, Morgellons theories, etc. Furthermore, there is a link designated to Morgellons cure, where you can read different opinions whether it exist a cure or not. The common belief is that it is a border disease; if you read the articles they have you will take your own conclusions afterwards.

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More – Cancer Research And Projects

  • June 25, 2008

uk stands for the Association for International Career Research. Their aim is to keep working on the cancer’s causes, and cure, which is why they’ve been running many projects. Nowadays, they have more than two hundred and fifteen projects worldwide. If you require further information about the way they get the money and how they spend it, read the “about us” link. There you will also find their annual review, television campaign, etc. On the top of the webpage there are diverse links, such as: cancer information, success stories, research, news, etc. Within the cancer information section you will access to Cancer basics, and the most common cancer’s kinds, such as: prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, leukaemia, bladder cancer, etc. Furthermore, there is a document library where you can find extended information about it.

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More – Irritable Bowel Syndrome Help

  • June 18, 2008

Ibsgroup.orgIf you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, more known as IBS, you will find this site interesting then. Whether you suffer from IBS or you are a medical professional, you will access to lots of information about the syndrome at ibsgroup.

org. They have offices in New Haven, Connecticut, and Toronto, Ontario. From their site you can read and learn about the symptoms, and share your experiences with people in the same situation you are. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: forums, blogs, articles, videos, books, links, penpals, etc. At the blog you will be able to read the new postings, as well as post comments and questions. Within the video section there are three links: about IBS, women’s health, and IBS in the media. In addition, there are medical tests, diagnostics, medications, treatments, brochures, and research studies, available on their site.

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IBSTales.Com – Irritable Bowel Syndrome Tales

  • June 17, 2008

IBSTales.ComIBS Tales is a site for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers to tell their stories and read about the experiences of others. Symptoms of IBS include diarrhea, constipation, and stomach pain.

For more information read the Introduction to IBS or the Frequently Asked Questions. You have to have in mind that none of the info on this site has been written or checked by a doctor, and it is not intended as medical advice. On this site you will find a IBS blog and the web creator story, stories from hundreds of IBS suffers, including Sad tales, Happy tales, and Embarrassing tales, proof that IBS is categorically not all in your head, a list of top 10 stupid things said to IBS suffers, and more. You can also read the articles on IBS symptoms, its diagnosis, and the IBS treatment, in the About IBS section. You will find details of popular IBS supplements and therapies in the self-help section. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are About IBS, Sad Tales, Happy Tales, Embarrassing Tales, BLOG, My Story, Self-help, Support Us, Search, Advertise, and Contact. IBSTales.Com

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More – Read About Alzheimer

  • June 11, 2008

The-Alzheimers.netThis site is a source of information on Alzheimer. Here you can find all the information you need to know about this disease.

You can start off by reading about what is Alzheimer, an overview of the disease and how to prevent it such as by ongoing mental and physical exercise, education, reaction to stress, diet, nicotine, vitamin E and non-steroidal drugs. In this site you can also read about the different symptoms of the disease, about its treatment, Alzheimer’s information, Dementia, Research and much more. You can also find all the information you need to know about the Alzheimer Association and find support as well. So, if you know or someone who has this disease, or would simply like to know more on this subject then you can find in this site what you are looking for. A section on Alzheimers Care provides links to sites providing this information and also this service as well.

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More – When The Change Come Early

  • June 10, 2008

EarlyMenopause.comThis site provides information about early menopause. Here you can find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about what they provide as well.

In the Introduction section you will be able to find a message written by a woman going through early menopause herself. In the What is it? Section you will find useful information explaining the term and the conditions often referred to as early menopause. In the Causes section you can read about the common causes that provoke the conditions that are referred to as early menopause. Also, you can find information about other disorders that may cause menopausal symptoms as well. In the Symptoms section you can find and read about the common symptoms of early menopause and tips on how to minimize these as well. This and much more is the type of information that you can find in this site.

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More – Relax

  • June 6, 2008

Relieve-Migraine-Headache.comDo you have constant headaches and Migraine? Are you tired of having these issues ruin your day? This site offers plenty of information related to migraine causes, remedies, symptoms and other related topics. Visitors will be able to read interesting articles that discuss different types of headaches, the way in which they can be prevented and many other useful tips.

It also contains a migraine quiz where visitors answer 15 true and false questions and they can see how sensitive they are with someone that is suffering from a migraine attack. There is also plenty of interesting information about the relation between migraines and food, which describes the types of food that may cause migraines. You will also read about different medication for migraine. If you suffer of headaches and migraines and you want to learn about its preventions and solutions, visit this site and it will offer plenty of useful information.

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More – Feeling Better?

  • June 5, 2008

Remifemin.comAre you a woman who want to take control of menopause symptoms? If that’s true, check out this site. offers a new product specially developed to give women menopause symptom relief, including control of hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability. features as well tips to help you take control of menopause, and enjoy your life.

Remifemin Menopause Relief is an alternative to hormone replacement therapy commonly used during menopause. Find on this site information about menopause symptoms, read about perimenopause period, and find some tips to help you minimize hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. Join the online forums and write your own reviews about this product.

You can order online this symptom relief product, and try to control night sweats and hot flashes for a better sleep and more energy. If you have doubts about hormone replacement therapy, read more about this natural alternative on

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