More – Smart Protection for your PC

  • March 18, 2008

TheNortonChallenge.comStruggling yourself to get all-in-one security solution for your PC? For those like me with no computer background installing anti-virus software might sound like Chinese or a big challenge, but it shouldn’t be like that and you will realize at the

In fact it isn’t if you consider options like the ones offered by Norton form Symantec. All the tools regarding internet security to enlighten your system, tune-up to clear it out, make it work smarter and silent in the background with fewer annoying pop-ups and all these features thanks to a winning antivirus and antispyware. Strong online protection and secure online storage are mandatory nowadays considering how boring the hackers are at home planning their next victims. And for all that Norton is famous worldwide. If you are not familiar with this kind of products you have the fabulous chance to try it before your buy it, which seems quite reasonable and you can always reports errors or submit comments on how to improve the software. Time to beat the nasty spyware and other online bugs, get yourself Norton latest version.

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More – Cheap Notebooks Hardware Software Home Electronics and More!

  • February 22, 2008

Bot5 is an website focused on providing a simple, easy and effective shopping experience. Bot5 is the ideal site for all kinds of end users.

Whether you are regular home electronics shoppers, do-it-yourselfers, gamers, students, small to medium-sized businesses, or IT professionals, Bot5 is the ideal site for improving your digital lifestyle.

With a huge range of products listed, you can be sure to find top branded parts and products, along with product information, pictures, how-to’s, customer product reviews and opportunities to interact with other members of our community.

Much time has been spent to ensure that the site is user friendly, and many features have been added to support this, such as a forum, where visitors can discuss the latest technology issues, and upcoming products. Bot5 has an additional live chat feature, and ‘Ask Hal’, which allow our community to get feedback regarding any technical queries, from members of the Bot5 team.

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