More – PADI Scuba Diving School Sydney

  • September 20, 2011 Dive Courses, a PADI Diving School, and Scuba Gear, is Australia’s online dive center. Abyss Scuba is the only PADA CDC (Professional Association of Diving Instructors Career Development Center) in New South Wales, Australia. offers dive gear rental, current dive conditions information, details about dive sites around Sydney, shipwreck diving info, and a guide to local marine life including photographs and profiles. The website additionally features a variety of holiday drive packages.

Dive Travel packages available through include a New Years’ holiday in Brisbane Papua New Guinea, a Diving Trip to the shipwrecks of Eden and Merimbula for a long weekend, and a trip to South West Rocks to the Fish Rock Cave which has been voted as one of the top ten places to dive in Australia. Trips range in price from approximately $300 to more than $5,500 and may consist of a few days or an entire week of diving holiday activities.

For new and experienced divers alike, offers three levels of diving courses: 1) Start Diving, 2) Keep Diving, and 3) Teach Diving. The Start Diving level offers an online Scuba Tune-Up course or a Scuba Diving Refresher Course for folks who have taken diving courses before but who may need a bit of a review. Other Start Diving classes include the One Day Scuba Adventure for non Divers and the PADI Open Water Referral Course. Keep Diving courses are divided into two sub categories: Specialty Dive Courses and Technical Diving Courses. Classes include Scientific Diver, Master Scuba Diver, and EFR (Emergency First Responder).

And Abyss has also got folks who are just looking for a little scuba gear covered as well. They have a variety of equipment for sale on including scuba regulators, underwater cameras, dive computers and other devices.

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More – University of Technology of Sydney

  • June 15, 2008 is the Technological University located in Sydney, Australia. International students from all over the world attend this cosmopolitan university.

UTS believes that social and cultural diversity of students and staff is one its key strengths. UTS is proud of its campus, the largest in Sydney, as well as its academy excellence. UTS was ranked by the Australian Government as Equal First in Australia, in the Learning and Teaching Performance Fund 2008. The main areas of study are Business, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Human and Social Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Health, Science and International Studies. The university also has a variety of center for research and innovation. In China, Singapore and Hong Kong, UTS offshore courses are offered. These offshore courses are equivalent to the courses delivered at UTS Sydney. There is high tech environment in all faculties, plus great libraries and support equipment. Scholarships are also available. If you are looking for high academic level and you are considering that your university can be anywhere in the world, go to and take the tour.

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More – The Official Site Of The US Olympic Team

  • March 7, 2008

USOC.orgThis site is the official homepage for the United States’ Olympic Team. It features all sorts of information on every single US team and member for all the sports that the US competes in.

This well organized site is mainly divided in 5 sections: athletes, events, sports (divided into summer and winter sports), shop and features. Each section is outstandingly complete. Furthermore, the shop section is so deep it even takes you to a different site ( This site’s archive is truly impressive, featuring records that go back to 1896 (the first Olympic Games event ever celebrated). In case you are looking for something specific, the site includes a useful search tool that will let you scan the entire archive and return the appropriate results (which can be sorted in any way you prefer) within seconds. All the information on this site is categorized with great detail so that you can browse it for the athlete, sport, event or product you seek.

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RAYV – Find, review and talk about local businesses

  • February 25, 2008

Did you know that most people believe asking friends is the best way to find anything from restaurants to hairstylists, cocktails to clothes, or anything else local? Or that almost all business purchases are somehow influenced by word of mouth? It’s true – heck, we wouldn’t dare make stuff like that up!

And that’s why we created RAYV – quite possibly the most opinionated online community & business review directory in Australia (and soon to be New Zealand). RAYV makes finding these recommendations from your friends and likeminded people a breeze.

With a click of a button you can find 1000’s of reviews on businesses local to you. They might not all be positive reviews. But hey, that’s what RAYV’s all about.

The peoples’ voice and the peoples’ vote.

-RAYV is the ultimate Australian city guide tapping into the community’s voice and revealing insights on local businesses.

-RAYV is ’the’ place for people about town (those in the know and those wanting to guide others) to share their thoughts on experiences with local businesses and interact with other likeminded people.

-RAYV is the number one choice for local business owners to promote their establishments.

-RAYV is a true social community. Not just a friend’s space but a place to meet likeminded people in your area.

RAYV is growing in a multitude of ways. All of which are designed to make the service easier and better for you. RAYV strives to make your life better by providing you with improved insight to the next business you use. Discovering new ways of making this possible and new ways of allowing RAYVers to have their voice heard is what it’s all about. And of course, never forgetting the fun element. If it wasn’t fun – we wouldn’t be here!

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More – Australian News Portal

  • October 17, 2007 provides up to the minute news coverage in textual and image media covering a mix of national and world events, people, times and places. Scopical takes media from agencies, news wires and bloggers throughout Australia and will be the first major portal to offer a real financial return on media additions by all users.

It’s a healthy mix of pro news and user-generated content, making it live and up to the minute. The portal has correspondents based in the UK, New Zealand, North America, Russia, Asia and the Middle East, providing the latest in coverage of world events and adding an additional dimension to the portal.

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