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  • June 25, 2008

SwordSearcher.com – Bible SoftwareSwordSearcher is a comprehensive software that provides you with the tools needed for effective Bible Study. With this software you’ll easily be able to find every verse you need to look up by simply entering any given word, group of words, or phrase.

If you need to study a particular verse from the Bible, you’ll be able to use the Verse Guide Technology which provides you with information on books, topical guides, dictionaries, or commentary that cites that verse or passage you want to know more about. SwordSearcher allows you to see the study material available for each verse as it shows you links to reference material of relevance beside each verse. By using SwordSearcher you’ll be able to improve your productivity. If you need to insert a particular verse into a document or e-mail, all you need to do is simply copy and paste it. SwordSearcher is the perfect tool for Christians as it offers vast amount of religious information and literature at your fingertips and in one easy to use software package. SwordSearcher.com – Bible Software

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