Swom.com – A Network For Word Of Mouth Marketing

  • September 7, 2010

Swom.comSwom (“Super Word of Mouth”) is a social network that can be used to market anything. Yet, the site will be specially useful for home-business owners that are looking for ways to reach out to a larger audience.

On the site, they will be able to promote who they are, what they do to and (ultimately) earn new referrals.

The site is free to join, and once an account has been created you will receive your own personalized referral link. Whenever you refer anybody using this link, you are actually receiving a commission.

And joining the site also makes it possible for you to start interacting with like-minded people, sharing these marketing secrets and strategies that you have mastered, and learn about the ones they use in order to succeed. Groups can be joined and created, too, so that finding people who are 100 % compatible with you shouldn’t be that difficult.

Lastly, Swom comes complete with an auto-tweeting feature for posting promotional messages on the popular micro-blogging site, and (to all intent and purposes) putting your marketing efforts on autopilot.

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