SwizzleCMS.com – A CMS For Business Users

  • April 15, 2010

SwizzleCMS.comSwizzle is a new application that is aimed at business owners who want to boost the standing of their companies. If we want to be completely accurate, Swizzle is not one application – rather, it is a collection of different applications rolled into the same package for ease of use and convenience.

But these different tools and the functionalities that are offered are focused on the same goal: increasing any business’ efficiency.

You see, using this system it is possible to take care of the management of content such as pages, blogs and forums as well as setting up an online store that you can use in order to sell off your products. And when you have a loyal number of customers, they become manageable through Swizzle as well – an integrated CRM makes for keeping track of what each customer wants and orders.

For its part, operations such as email marketing are fully supported and you can use your existing database in order to launch the whole campaign. And a full set of analytics is provided for you to measure how successful you are doing.

Moreover, specific business requirements can be implemented by way of any of the provided modules. These will let mostly anybody maximize the way that Swizzle functions without needing to be proficient (or even conversant) when it comes to coding and programming.

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