SwixHQ.com – Measuring The Efficiency Of Campaigns

  • January 14, 2010

SwixHQ.comHaving a concise way to measure how effective a media campaign has been is every bit as vital as the way the campaign itself was assembled to begin with. If you are browsing through the options currently available to these purposes, this is a site you might like to check.

SWIX (short for “Social Web Index”) is a metrics tool that will empower you to measure the success of any marketing campaign which revolves around social media.

Social resources and applications that are actually tracked and trended by SWIX include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. For its part sites such as Digg and Delicious are likewise accounted for. The same goes for Flickr.

As far as pricing considerations go, there are six plans to choose – from “Trial” (absolutely free) to “Enterprise” (where you have to pay either per seat or per campaign pricing). Note, however, that all plans are free during the current beta run. If you want to see how effective (or not) this can turn out to be, you will have a splendid chance to do that in person right now.

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