Swiss DNA Bank

More – Storing Your Life On A Vault

  • September 4, 2009

SwissDNABank.comThis is a new service that makes for storing your DNA and your lifetime memories forever in a Swiss vault. This is done in the following way.

First, you purchase a kit through the site. The kit comes complete with the items for collecting your DNA, and once you have done so you send the resulting sample to the provided physical address. Then, you use an access card in order to upload your memories. These (the memories and your DNA) will be then stored forever in your vault.

It is a bit difficult to generalize about a service such as this one. I don’t know how many are really interested in such an approach, but a demand must obviously exist for this kind of service to have been created. Personally, I think that it is most fulfilling to stay forever in the minds and hearts of people who knew you throughout your life, and if you want to sort of live forever you should do it through a work of art. That is just my personal opinion. But don’t get me wrong, I consider this service a valuable development and I am sure that many will find it worth their while. Pay it a visit at the provided address in order to determine if it is for you or not.

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