SwipeGood.com – A Smooth Way To Support Charities

  • November 9, 2010

SwipeGood.comSwipe Good gives everybody a chance to support these charities that he cares about, in a way that is as instant as it is effective. In essence, Swipe Good lets people donate an amount of each purchase that they make using their credit (and debit) cards.

This amount comes from having every transaction rounded up. The change that comes from that operation is what is donated to charity.

A system like Swipe Good will work out just greatly for those who want to support the ones who work for the betterment of the world, but just have no idea how much they could afford to give (or when, for that matter). Using Swipe Good, that is no longer a problem. Donations are made instantly when a purchase takes place, and we are talking about an amount that anybody can afford.

If that was the main barrier you have always collided with when wanting to help charities out, then this site will be worthy of your time. And the site is all the more usable since you can register with your email and a password, or simply log in via Facebook Connect.

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