MichaelPhelps.com – Michael Phelps’ Official Site

  • August 18, 2008

MichaelPhelps.comIf you’ve been keeping an eye on competitive swimming, you’re sure to have heard of world record holder Michael Phelps. This American swimmer has won an assortment of medals in the past few years including Olympic gold.

MichaelPhelps.com is this accomplished athlete’s official website. On this site you’ll be able to find information on Phelps’ illustrious career including his wins, world records, and much more. As the world’s youngest world record holder and America’s youngest swimmer to turn pro, this athlete has lots of information to share. The site not only features biographical information but also has an extensive photo gallery, magazine covers, articles, results, and even features a section that includes questions and answers on just about everything. The site also features information and links to Phelps’ sponsors as well as a media request form, and mailing information so fans can get in touch with him or even ask for an autograph. MichaelPhelps.com

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