Swift.fm – Share Your Music On Twitter

  • November 21, 2009

Swift.fmIf you have been waiting for a service that combines both music and Twitter, you are on the right spot because Swift.fm was created based on that idea.

It is an interesting service that gives you the chance to learn about pieces created by other users that are following you on Twitter. Consequently, this lets anybody make use of all the conveniences offered by Twitter when it comes to sharing music. You already know that there are different applications that give you the chance to share images and videos in real time through twitter, but this one takes a decidedly different approach.

One of the best things about this service is that you will be allowed to share your tracks with all your friends in two main different ways: by tweeting them or by uploading the tracks directly through Swift.fm. This “Twitter radio” gives you the chance to have access to playlists generated based on your friends’ preferences because it just takes the songs you friends have Swifted.

This solution also allows you to upload your own MP3s so you can share them with others in a simple way. There are many other benefits provided by this service and you just need to give this site a visit in order to get to know it better.

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