MySweetPeace.com – All About Soothing Newborns

  • July 3, 2008

MySweetPeace.com“Sweetpeace” is a product which reproduces the motion that parents use in order to soothe their babies. Those who purchase said system can register online and benefit from additional features such as extra sounds and songs.

On the other hand, a section that goes by the name of “Share” enables parents to share their baby soothing tips for all to put into practice. A Sweetpeace vendor locator is included for additional shopping convenience, and availability can be checked as well. In addition to that, the site collects together a wide number of resources that provide further information on baby-soothing. To begin with, a series of videos that have been put together by specialists and experts can be watched online. In second place, mothers can read online tutorials where guidance and assistance is provided. These have names such as “Become an experienced newborn soother”. Finally, the visitor can listen to podcasts by following the provided link. MySweetPeace.com

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