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SnazzyCat.com – Everything For Making Jewelry

  • December 3, 2008

SnazzyCat.comIf you love jewelry and are pretty handy when it comes to assembling it, SnazzyCat.com is the perfect place for you.

Whether you like designing and making pieces fro yourself or as a Business, this online store will provide you with all the necessary supplies that any jewelry maker needs in order to make their designs come to life.

This store specializes in all sorts of beads that you can use to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and anything else you can think of. At SnazzyCat.com you’ll find a wide variety of beads for all styles of jewelry imaginable as well as craft glue, wire thread, beading tools, and more.

If you want to make some classy pieces, their sterling silver, gemstone, and Swarovski beads are the perfect fit. For a more relaxed style, this store features everything from wood beads to ceramic, glass, bone beads, and much more. The selection offered is quite extensive and you’ll have no trouble finding al of the necessary implements that will allow you to created one f a kind pieces that are sure to impress.


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