Beta.SwapYourShop.com – Start A New Life

  • March 30, 2010

Beta.SwapYourShop.com“Swap your life, keep your job” is the tagline of this new service, and that is the exact truth of it. Let me explain it to you.

In principle, those who sign up will be able to move wherever they want and keep an identical job in the place they relocate to. That is, a change of life and scene, but a change that leaves your current employment unaffected.

This is accomplished by letting you connect with other creative professionals who are also looking for a change of scene, and who are willing to swap both their homes and their offices with yours.

You will be able to find a potential swapper using the provided functionality. That is not difficult. Convincing your boss to accept the whole thing is an entirely different story. But that is where half the fun lies, isn’t it? In any case, the site has a detailed post on how to convince your boss when the time comes. You will have more than a few ideas and arguments to stand your ground when the day arrives.

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