RapLeaf.com – Do You Have A Bad Reputation?

  • September 5, 2007

RapLeaf.comAre you hiring and looking to get all the information possible on this possible future employee? Or are you looking to buy a product online from a person you know little about? In any of these cases you can go to RapLeaf.com and see someones reputation by simply typing in their email address.

Once you type in their email address you see how they are rated. People are rated based on three categories; commerce score, personal score and percent positive score. The commerce score concerns, buyers, sellers, and swappers. Positive ratings are added and the negatives are subtracted to give the overall score. There are sometimes comments left by others who have done business with them, such as “so-and-so is trust worthy and punctual”. The personal score is a rating among friends. The percent positive is a score of the percentage of ratings that are positive. You can add friends email addresses and rate them, or add your own email address to create credibility. Find out about peoples reputations with RapLeaf.com

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