Swagly.com – An Affiliate Network For The Social Web

  • October 20, 2009

Swagly.comSwagly is self-described as “a word of mouth affiliate network” that basically empowers its members to match and tag products in pictures to the products that make up the Sawgly database. The idea is to let each and every individual become something akin to an affiliate that receives an income, and turn the social network he is a part of into something resembling a retail store where products are recommended to all and sundry.

This system is implemented along the following lines: the publisher procures and installs a widget, and then customers can proceed to tag anything they come across and like. From that point onwards, their friends and acquaintances will be capable of finding out more about these products, and if an actual sale is made then the publisher shares the revenue with the original user.

The one advantage a service like this one has as far as sellers are concerned is that it makes for content targeting that is unmatched in terms of conciseness. For its part, users are rewarded for what they like doing best (IE, social activity). These are strong enough features as to make this new service noteworthy to many. You can learn more about it and also sign up at the address which is featured below.

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