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  • July 25, 2011

Sushiworks.comWe can define Sushiworks as a content management system for web designers. It enables them to focus on what they love doing best (designing great sites), and forget all about the technical aspects and considerations that go with having to update its actual content. That is done by their clients themselves, using a branded control panel in order to manage everything. And when it comes to updating the actual HTML and CSS, that can be done with complete independence of the content that is uploaded by the clients. It is all implemented by adding a couple of tags to the site that is being worked upon.

As a service, Sushiworks is available for a low monthly fee which is paid while the site in question is live. Three plans are provided: Personal, Business and Business PRO. The main difference lies in the maximum number of allowed pageviews. All three plans come with support for an unlimited number of pages, links, and admin users.

And there are no long term commitments. The service can be terminated just whenever the user wants.

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