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  • January 26, 2008 Survive outdoorsThis site provides information on confronting emergencies and survival in the outdoors. The homepage provides information about what surviveoutdoors.

com is all about, including their mission statement and their latest updates. They have a section where the present many links to topic related websites; such as stores that sell survivalist gears to sites that dedicate exclusively to inform about edible and medical wild plants, nature and ecology. We can also see a list of links which contains the diseases that one is likely to catch outdoors (dehydration, drowning, bee stings, rocky mountain spotted fever between many). When the visitor clicks on any of these, he will be informed on the respective disease. When it comes to spider or snake bites, this site specifies in ten different snake bites and 14 different spider bites. In top of this, it provides pictures of the different traumas that can be suffered outdoors. Last but not least, this site also has a section where it suggests which are the “outdoor partners” one should always have when carrying out this kind of activities. So, if you are trying to promote your knowledge concerning safety as well as medical care related to outdoor emergencies, injuries and disease, don’t forget to visit! Survive outdoors

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