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  • November 9, 2007 is a site, a company, which seeks to provide a specific service to clients: polls and surveys as a marketing strategy.

This web page is actually a sample of the very work that the company does…it’s not the web page about the company. The company’s job consists of getting hired by other business and planning surveys and polls as a way to establish a better connection between the enterprises and their clients. But the ‘polls-and-surveys’ thing is also used as a marketing strategy, for it collects the preferences and desires of clients and potential costumers. As a mediating company, has created a fun way for they internet users and company clients to want to do a survey or poll, since they’re talking about a free and voluntary participation. The catch is that, if a user carries out a poll and submits it, he instantly enters a contest for a price such as a car or trips somewhere.

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