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  • October 28, 2007

SurveyWriter.comLooking for web survey software? Or, online market research tools and services? If so, take a look at this site. SurveyWriter.

com is a website specialized in providing users powerful online market research applications that you can use to create professional web surveys and analyze data in real-time. They stand out from the rest as they offer a 100% web-based interviewing system. Just by using their browser users can create, edit and field professional marketing research in minutes. Last but not least, they offer convenient prices so may also reduce your research costs.

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  • September 26, 2007

Vovici.comVovici is a stylized aggregation of the words Voice and Vision. The inspiration comes from “Listening to the Voice of the customer lends Vision to the direction of the organization”. offers surveys that are proactively deployed in order to obtain vital feedback instantaneously which in turn can trigger appropriate and positive responses and actions by the organization. At sign up for a free trial of Vovici online survey software and experience the best feedback for your issues.

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