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Startup Testing Tips Before You Even Launch

  • June 19, 2012

The lean startup model is pretty smart—you get your product out in the public as quickly as possible, smooth out the bugs, get feedback, and keep building so that in a year you’ll have a market-tested, user-approved product. But what about those who want to test their startup before they invest and launch? It’s definitely possible, and here’s some top testing tips and tactics to prove it.

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More – The Simple Way to Create Surveys

  • December 17, 2007

Surveymk.comSurvey Monkey is a web app that allows users to create Surveys in order to collect information from website users; users create the survey online just by using the web browser, so no advanced statistic or design program knowledge is required in order to use this app, plus survey sheets come out with a clean and professional outlook ( uses no banners or branding).

Also, users can upload their company’s logo in order to personalize and give a corporate image to the survey. Advanced reporting and statistics tools are offered by the site, and users can choose to receive the raw data in order to self-process it, or rather receive all the digested numbers directly in their inbox. Prospective customers can try Survey Monkey for free and get a limited version of the software, or sign up for the professional versions for a small monthly fee.

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