Reach 1.5 Billion Users With GetFeedback

  • September 24, 2013

What does a huge corporation have that you don’t? Ok, yeah – a break-room with a better snack selection and a horde of slaves interns to do their bidding. In addition to those notable perks, the big guys also have entire departments dedicated to research and development. What do you have that they don’t? Well…


DataCracker: A Game Changer In Survey Analysis

  • August 9, 2013

Whether your are collecting data in hopes of getting a better sense of your clients’ needs, or looking for a way to augment an investment proposal, chances are you are going to be looking at piles of survey information, and will need to come up with a way of processing and sharing this newfound wealth of…


10 Easy Ways To Collect Social Data For Your Startup

  • January 3, 2013

Collecting demographic information and including it in your pitch decks tells your client exactly who their hard earned dollars will be targeting. Using Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and MailChimp’s Analytics360 WordPress plugin, you can gain better insights on who your users are and your products and…


12 Ideas To Improve Employee Engagement

  • December 27, 2012

Just like you measure website metrics and revenues, you can measure employee engagement. Create a survey with a few questions that can be easily scored on a scale of 1 to 5, and commit to regularly – consider quarterly – sending it around for completion. You should include an open field on the survey where…

More – Business Survey and Decision Solutions by Apian

  • August 19, 2012

Business owners who are concerned with customer feedback and efficient decision making should take a look at the services provided by Apian Software at Apian currently offers two different pieces of software: SurveyPro 5 which helps businesses produce professional-looking questionnaires, and DecisionPad 4 which provides a logical framework from which to make business decisions.

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More – Create Interactive Surveys

  • March 1, 2012

Pinnion.comWe all have a clearly-defined opinion of these services we use the most, and these companies we interact with on a daily basis. But filling out surveys or polls is a bore, and we seldom do it. They might offer us prizes beyond compare in exchange for our time. But it’s all to no avail. We have better things to do than filling out surveys we probably won’t ever hear again from.

Which is particularly problematic if you’re the one who has to create these surveys. What can you do to ensure that at least a respectable percentage of the people who come across your surveys will actually complete them? This new service is the answer to that question.

Pinnion lets you create interactive surveys, polls and quizzes for smartphones. And it lets you do it for free, as the basic version of the service comes at zero cost. It gives you unlimited questions, responses, custom branding and graphics, and it also lets you use custom closing messages. Plus, it lets you view and analyze results in real time.

And if you’re ready to pay for it, there’s a premium package that gives you question piping, skip logic and around-the-clock email support. These features are actually all included as part of the basic plan for a limited time, so if this sounds like the kind of service that could make your job much easier then you have the perfect excuse for trying it out right now.

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More – Make Quizzes Or Surveys For Mobiles

  • December 27, 2011

At you can create your quiz or survey with the topic you want, and send it through your mobile to all your contacts. This will be a useful tool either for playing with friends or relatives and have something to talk about in a future meeting. Imagine if you give a party for some anniversary of yours, it could be quite exciting for the invited guests to take the quiz with the promise of earning a good prize in case they answer correctly.

But also, you can create a survey for finding out about customer satisfaction if you run some business. The appealing feature of this service is that you can include pictures and videos as part of your quizzes, making them much more lively and entertaining than what simple text forms would be.

To start making your personalized survey you should visit and register an account. After this you need to sign up and start making the questions and adding the pictures or videos you want to include. You may add up to seven multiple choice answers for some questions.

When you finish writing the questions (which you can modify later on, anyway), an e-mail will be sent to you with a link to install the quiz on your mobile. The process varies slightly depending if you use iPhone or Android, but both ways are explained in the webpage and in the end you’ll get the app’s icon on your home screen. Once this is achieved you can send the quiz to all your contacts and collect the responses.

When the process is ended, you can check the results on the website, and export them in csv format, which can be read on Microsoft Excel. Now that you’ve got your survey answered, it is up to you to make the best use of the information you obtained.


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More – Create Better Surveys

  • November 4, 2011

PopSurvey.comWhen creating a survey for your visitors or customers to answer, asking the right questions is only a small part of what you’ve got to do. You have to give people something that’s visually attractive, something that will make them keep their eyes fixed on the screen no matter what. And you know, that’s something you can do more than easily if you go for a service like PopSurvey.

Simply put, is here to let you come up with surveys that look the part, and that are sure to engage people much more than these drab text-based surveys that bore everybody to death.

In addition to featuring lively designs and rich background images, the surveys that you can create using are powered by a dynamic player of its own. This player is really slick, and a definitive step away from these lifeless forms that can make people give up on your surveys halfway if you’re not extremely careful.

The basic version of PopSurvey costs nothing, and it lets you create an unlimited number of surveys per month. It is, however, limited to only one user and 100 responses per month. If you need more, you can always go for any of the two paid plans that are available – “Premium” ($24) and “Max” ($48). In addition to giving you more of everything, these plans also come with custom “Thank You” slides for showing punters your gratitude.

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More – Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • October 26, 2011

Golden Corral started business in 1973 and today is one of the leading buffet and grill restaurants. Its website is a nice looking resource that makes you enjoy the visit, but more will you enjoy the opportunity to win an iPod or $1000 for filling their customer satisfaction survey.

To take the survey you just need to enter a code number you’ll find in the check receipt or an invitation card. From there on, click on the multiple choice answers to the questions they ask you.

It won’t take you longer than seven or eight minutes filling it, and you will also feel the satisfaction of being asked whether your experience at the restaurant was pleasant or not. Food taste and temperature, kindness and hospitality of the staff and of the manager, cleanness of restrooms and different food areas, are all issues in which Golden Corral wants to know your impression.

You’ll also be asked about some personal information such as your age, your sex and your income, but you are free not to answer should you prefer this, so you only need to click the corresponding choice.

Upon finishing the survey you are immediately taken to the form asking for your contact information so the company can let you know if you won the iPod or the $1000 prize.

And in case you fail to submit the code number, you will be provided with a help section where you will find ways to get at the problem which prevented you from submitting the code, so that you can try to resubmit it correctly. The site gives you the chance of taking a look at their previous winners as well.

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More – Create Branded Surveys

  • September 8, 2011

SurveyShare.comIf SurveyShare is not one of the fastest applications for polling friends and customers currently available, then it must come pretty close. This new service basically enables users to create surveys that can be as simple or complex as they want, and reach out to participants not only via traditional ways such as email, but also by communicating with them on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The surveys one creates using this service can be minutely customized – logos can be added and removed, and the actual colors to be used can also be chosen at will. There are actually over 200 templates available, so that’s practically all kind of kinds of users and contexts already covered.

The surveys themselves can come with lots of different question types, and they can have an optional “Comment” box for participants to provide additional insight that can be key to understanding any baffling choice the might have made.

The basic version of SurveyShare is free, and there’s both a pro and an enterprise edition of the service, giving users the chance to ask a much larger number of questions per survey. And bear in mind that only the paid versions of the service allow users to brand their surveys.

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More – Share Your Polls

  • September 5, 2011

PollBob.comThe more social things are nowadays the better. That seems to be the way of thinking of many a developer out there. And while that can lead to strange results sometimes (there are some services that by their mere nature have to be anything but social), more than often taking a service and pointing it the social way enhances its overall usability and degree of engagement. Take polls, for example. They’re something that can but become more effective the more social they are, as that can only mean a larger number of people will get to answer them. I think nobody would argue with that, but if you’re unconvinced I invite you to try PollBob.

This new service is letting you create polls that can be shared with friends and their friends on what works as nothing short of a true social community. And the participation of people is ensured by rewarding them for their time. Whenever someone takes a poll or shares it, he’s actually getting points he can use to unlock badges and get access to prizes. And points are also earned by actually creating polls.

PollBob is available both as a web service, and as an iPhone app. Nothing is charged for creating polls, answering them, and sharing them around.

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More – Create Free Surveys

  • August 25, 2011

SurveyCreation.comObsurvey, Flisti, Uncoverdata… there’s no shortage of tools for the creation of online surveys. And the pace at which new ones are released is unstoppable. is the latest one to have surfaced, and while it doesn’t really break any new ground there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s cost-economic, fast and it will let you poll just anybody, anywhere. Have a site or a blog? You’ll be able to have your survey featured on it. Are you a force to be reckoned with on social sites like Facebook? You’ll be able to distribute your newly-created survey there.

And all the surveys that can be created through the site can be customized, too. You can tweak with aspects such as the layout and the style of what you’re creating, not to mention that you can set an end date for surveys, and also have them passwords-protected.

In all cases, you’ll be provided with graphed results in real time. You’ll get to measure how well-constructed your surveys really are, and change them in case they are failing to get people interested.

The basic version of is free to use, but it is limited to 10 questions and 100 responses. If you need more than that, then you can upgrade to a pro account and get unlimited everything.

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More – Market Any Product

  • May 25, 2011

SimplyCast.comSimplyCast is a suite of marketing tools that is singled out by its sheer comprehensiveness. Email marketing, SMS marketing, survey marketing, autoresponder marketing, affiliate marketing… these are just some of the angles that can be covered through this suite. And SimplyCast can also let you take care of activities such as the monitoring of blacklists, the tracking of links and the building of forms.

Plans per contracts, plans per credits and pay-as-you-go plans are all available. In all three cases, plans for different levels or marketers are provided (with plans for professional and enterprise marketers being featured). And a free-for-life plan is also provided, letting you send an unlimited number of emails per month to up to 1,000 subscribers.

The site is wrapped up by a blog where news are covered and marketing tips are provided, whereas another section (the one named Resources) includes a wealth of tutorials for those who are just getting started in the world of marketing. All the different variables covered by SimplyCast are taken into account there.

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More – Collect Feedback By Phone

  • May 24, 2011

Ubivote.comUbivote is a new feedback system whereby people can vote on any of the options that you provide merely by making a call. The true strength of the site lies in how calls are handled, as every call is automatically hung up. This turns Ubivote into a toll-free feedback system – since nobody is picking up the phone, people are not going to be charged anything. All that people have to do in order to make their votes count is to dial the relevant number.

A service like Ubivote will be greatly useful in just any kind of context where people have to be polled – customers, clients, citizens… members of any crowd can be consulted like this. Live event of every kind are compatible with Ubivote.

Ubivote can be tried for free, and there is no need for you to sign up in order to have a survey created and deployed either. It is all handled in a couple of easy steps, such as naming the survey and setting down its actual content.

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More – Create Surveys On The Fly

  • April 26, 2011

UncoverData.comUncoverData is a new Internet tool that makes for the instant creation and administration of surveys. Users of UncoverData can have rich surveys built and deployed in a matter of minutes, and then analyze all the data that has been collected by way of timely reports.

And once they have been created, surveys can be shared on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also be sent by email. Whatever lets you reach out to your intended audience faster.

A system like this one has the distinctive advantage of being usable by people who have never created a survey before, and who have no technical skills at all. Here, everything is handled using a web interface that lets users set down the answers and the relevant questions, and have everything concatenated for them.

UncoverData costs $ 19.95 per month. And a free trial is available. You will be able to try UncoverData for 14 days to the full. Once that period ends, you will be given the chance to upgrade to a paid account.

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More – Poll The Users Of Your App

  • March 30, 2011

CrowdSavvy.comCrowd Savvy is a new polling platform that is geared towards developers of native iPhone and Android apps. By installing six lines of code into their apps, they will be able to gather information from their users through an intuitive web interface. The results of these surveys will become measurable in real time, using the provided dashboard.

Thanks to Crowd Savvy, developers are enabled to quantify feedback, analyze customer demographics and benchmark the overall performance of their applications in a really smooth way. Just as importantly, they are allowed to get new ideas from customers, and to make it clear to those who are paying their wages that they are always listening.

Right now, Crowd Savvy is in beta. This means you can create an account at no cost and test the service to the full – something that before too long is going to be possible only if you pay a fee. The company will go for a tiered approach, whose exact details (IE prices and limitations) are yet to be announced.

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More – Free Online Surveys

  • March 24, 2011

FloodlightSurveys.comThere is no shortage of applications for creating and conducting online surveys, but if you need one that is both flexible and cost-friendly then this is a good place to look at.

Floodlight Surveys lets you use no less than 17 different question types, and have surveys delivered not only digitally but also via the phone. And once people have begun answering the questions that you have posed, you will be able to have their answers graphed and tracked in real time.

Web-based surveys can be created and administered for free, and the same applies to mobile surveys. On the other hand, surveys that are conducted over the phone come at a cost. This will obviously depend on the length of the survey, and note that inbound surveys are billed differently from outbound surveys. Inbound surveys cost $ .25 for the first 5 minutes, and outbound surveys are always charged $ 0.5 per each number that is dialled.

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More – Survey Creation Software

  • March 23, 2011

RationalSurvey.comRational Survey makes creating and administering questionnaires, polls and surveys of just any kind in a breeze. All the questions that you want to have asked can be set down using the provided web interface, and then the full surveys can be distributed by sharing the resulting links.

And as people begin taking your surveys, their responses will be analyzable in real time. Needless to say, such a thing is specially valuable when it comes to measuring the degree of acceptance that any product which has just been released is having, and in which ways it is falling short of expectations.

Other good features include being able to reuse questions from one survey to the other, and to add multiple choice image support to any survey that you are assembling. Besides, surveys and polls can have a time limit, and you can bring together your different respondents in groups, so that measuring their answers becomes faster and easier.

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More – Create Surveys And Polls

  • March 18, 2011

SurveyTool.comSurvey Tool is a web-based tool that you can use in order not just to have surveys created, but also to distribute them all over the Internet if that is what you want.

On this site, surveys are put together by choosing exactly what you need to have measured from a vast list of survey templates, and then configuring the one you have picked until it accommodates your research needs precisely. And it is always possible to pick a blank survey, and have everything started from scratch.

Evaluations, polls, HR studies, and tracking studies can easily be assembled through this site.

And once the actual survey is ready, then you can proceed to have it published wherever you want – a personal site, a commercial site, your own blog…

Three versions of ProSurvey are already available: Personal, Pro Special and Pro. The Personal version is the free one, and it lets you administer unlimited surveys but receive only 20 responses per each.

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More – Create Surveys Faster

  • March 14, 2011

SurveyOctopus.comSurvey Octopus is here to let you collect feedback in the easiest way of all. This browser-hosted application will let you create a survey by simply dragging and dropping questions from one window into the other, until you have the full set ready. Then, you will be able to receive answers using the provided send/share tool, and have every single one of them analyzed with the report engine that is featured.

Two version of this service are already available – one that costs nothing and which is limited to only two surveys per year (and which is all-too-obviously meant for evaluation purposes), and the professional edition of the service (which costs $ 20/month). The pro version of Survey Octopus will let you create an unlimited amount of surveys, and receive an unlimited amount or responses.

Plus, you might be interested in knowing that only the paid version of Survey Octopus can be branded, and lets you download results to be consulted offline.

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