Careful, You’re Being Watched! Be Big Brother With Ivideon

  • February 5, 2013

Have you ever wished you could watch what your significant other is doing when you’re not home? Or, maybe see if your kids are actually doing their homework? Better yet, what about the infamous “nanny cam” to make sure Mary Poppins is minding her manners? It may seem a little sinister, but we’ve all thought…

More – Watching Your Home At All Times

  • August 13, 2010

Dropcam.comDropcam offers an interesting take on camera surveillance systems. Basically, if you decide to buy the provided package you are getting a web cam and access to a application for watching what the camera is recording at all times.

You will actually be able to monitor your camera’s live feed from anywhere an Internet connection is available, and all the major mobile devices of the day (iPhones, iPods and iPads) are already supported.

You can set both email and mobile alerts based on criteria like motion capture, time of the day and so on. And not only do you have real-time access to what the camera is streaming whenever you want, you can also record and archive your footage. By paying a monthly fee you will be empowered to record several full days of activity, and these recordings can then be downloaded to your HD.

In this way, you will be capable of keeping a close watch on your home or your business 24/7. You can monitor your newly-born at all times, you can keep an alert eye on your storefront… the uses can be kept as personal or professional as you want. And the system is bound to produce excellent results in either case.

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More – Video Surveillance Comes To Your Mobile

  • August 3, 2010 features information on everything regarding video surveillance. The official website of Mobilescope offers home security software you can buy online. You can use this software to record videos by simply using your webcamera or network camera, and watch them on your mobile phone.

Do you want to download a web camera software? This site gives you the chance to download this software and also try it for free. In addition, on you can find downloads for Windows mobile applications. In case you want to watch surveillance videos from webcams on mobile phones, you should keep this site in mind.

Next time you want to be notified of motion detections on your home while you are away, give this site a try. Therefore, in case you want to download a web camera software, or simply buy it online, you might stop by to find it at low price.

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More – A New Take On Video Monitoring

  • February 14, 2010

VitamindINC.comVitamin D stands as a new solution that will let anybody implement a video monitoring service that detects both people and moving objects, and does so from any existing PC of Mac that has a webcam. That is, there is no need to purchase hardware of equipment of any kind.

All that it takes is a desktop and either USB webcams or network cameras.

Once launched, the system delivers alerts in real-time whenever it detects any activity in the range that you have instructed it to keep a close watch on. Furthermore, you are provided with a highlight reel that will summarize the main events of the day for you. Security videos are not really renowned for being packed with events from front to back, after all. That makes such a feature all the more appealing. And the inclusion of a function for making the recording jump straight to these segments where people have been captured on screen is even better, and it makes checking out whatever happened all through the preceding day in a matter of a mere minutes. It sure beats sitting down and staring for hours on end at a screen where little to nothing happens.

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More – Home Security Store

  • November 26, 2008

HomeSecurityStore.comFirst established in the year 1972, the Home Security Store stands as your one-stop for securing your hard-earned possessions and making your dwelling place as safe as possible.

The site is split into different sections that make finding the desired products an easy task.

These go by names such as “Security”, “Personal Security”, “Intercoms” and “Surveillance”. Each category subdivides itself in turn. For example, the “Surveillance” section is made up of items such as “CCTV Monitors” and “Security Camera Systems”. Besides, a navigation menu is featured on the left-hand side of the main page for further browsing convenience.

The main page also lists the newest additions to the catalog, as well as detailing the hottest deals available. Moreover, you can always visualize a list of the most popular categories in order to quickly realize which products are attracting the most attention among customers.

The company abides by a free same day shipping policy, and free tech support is likewise provided. In addition to that, a security forum is part of the site and it will enable you to interact with other members of the online community.

All in all, a visit to the site is certain to provide you with the resources to secure your little part of the world and protect your valuables and your family.

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More – Self Defense Products

  • July 15, 2008

Guardian-Self-Defense.comGuardian-Self-Defense and Security Products has become one of the largest distributors of self defense product in the country. Each day they ship their product to almost every state in the nation.

A typical day at Guardian Self Defense involves shipping about a hundred self defense orders out across the country to consumers and businesses. They specialize in self defense and surveillance equipment. Their goal is to exceed their customer’s expectations, while providing the highest quality products anywhere at the lowest prices in the industry. Its top quality self defense products line includes stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers home protection, personal alarms as well as many other personal safety and security products. You can explore the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage, including: stun guns, child safety, personal alarms, home protection, hand held scanners, pepper spray, safety lights, animal repellers, tasers, knives, spy and surveillance, diversion safes, and more fun products.

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More – Security System Super Store

  • June 4, 2008 is an online store that deals in all kind of security cameras and security alarms systems.

Their huge selection of alarm, security and surveillance products have been carefully chosen to provide its customers with highly effective protection at an affordable price. Visit the website to learn more about their products and services. Check out their online catalog which includes; complete security camera kits, spy cameras, digital video recorders, as well as security alarms systems, wire, connectors and cables, among many other stuff. Something vey important is that no matter how large or small your application is, they offer a free unlimited technical support to each of the customers. Customer service is available online as well. You can place your order online; all major credits cards are accepted as well as paypal. Visit the website to learn more about their shipping policy in case you are interested in ordering something.

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More – Detect And Prevent Infidelity

  • May 25, 2008

ChatCheaters.comI won’t even attempt to settle the controversy about whether chatting with someone in a romantic/flirtatious tone over the internet should be considered cheating: there’s probably as many supporters for the claim on one side as are on the other. If you believe you partner may be up to some online flirting and you don’t feel comfortable with such behavior, other than talking to your loved one, you can also try taking a look at this site, where you’ll be able to find a wealth of articles discussing the topic and providing rather sound advice on how to deal with these touchy issues, at all steps of the way: from reviews of spy software to a directory of divorce counselors and forums where you can meet other people who have gone through the same you have, to a huge library of stories of cheaters and cheated people, in its thoroughness this site can be truly soul-shattering at times.

The articles are both original for the site and aggregated from diverse online and printed media, and will be of great use for couples of all ages and backgrounds.

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More – High Tech Surveillance & Spy Equipment

  • May 25, 2008

Spygear4u.comWould you like to become the next James Bond? Do you like the idea of being a spy? Seriously, most of us don’t have what it takes to be a spy, but we can still buy some of the latest technology to kit out our home and office in the way that James bond would do so. If you are interested in buying covert video surveillance or listening equipment, night vision goggles, GPS trackers, bug detectors or anything of a similar ilk, then you might consider checking out the fantastic pages of a web site called www. Many of the items on this page have very high tech and specialist applications, but it wont stop you wanting to check out everything that is on offer via the well designed menu system. Should you find a product that you require, you can purchase it online via the web sites secure payment processor and shopping facility.

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More – Protect Yourself from Theft

  • May 20, 2008

Surveillance-Video.comHave you just moved in to your new home? Are you constructing a new home in an area far from where you currently reside? Most new home owners are too overwhelmed by owning their new home to worry about safety. And most thieves’ concentrate in the new home areas where there’s not much population around and brand new houses to break into.

It’s like a thief’s paradise. Protect your new home from any theft by installing the latest technology in surveillance. Since the birth of home surveillance, technology has made it change into very modern and affordable devices. For the best range of surveillance devices just visit has been dedicated to surveillance for years now, and they have your house surveillance down pat. With dozens of different easy to install surveillance options, you don’t have to be an alarm expert to put it all together. To learn more about surveillance in your home, visit

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More – PC-based Video Surveillance Systems

  • May 14, 2008

Wilife.comAre you looking for surveillance cameras? Would you like to buy spy cam equipment online? If that is so, might be an interesting site for you to visit. This is the official website of Logitech, a company specialized in network security that offers video surveillance systems you can use to record surveillance videos on your home.

Additionally, if you want to find a DVR or a CCTV, as well as spy cam equipment, this site might be a good option for you to consider. Do you want to buy IP cameras? Are you looking for Logitech video cameras? If that is true, you will find a helpful site to visit.

To sum up, if you are looking for security cameras and spy cam equipment online, this site might be interesting for you. Then, next time you want to buy Logitech video cameras, feel free to stop by

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More – Security Must Not Be Overvalued

  • April 16, 2008

Spy-tronix.comNowadays everybody needs to think about its personal security. Spy-tronix Spy Shop is a company specialized in providing costumers with hard to find, effective and quality-made security, surveillance, spy gear and other high-tech spy gadgets.

They have been working for the security industry more than 20 years. You are able to see and read more about their products on They offer products such as phone recorders, voice recorders, ink per recorders, watch recorders, video recorders, spy cameras, bug detectors, and hidden spy cases. If you want to buy tools for self defense you can find them in this website as well. They also offer surveillance service. Two thirds of their staff are military veterans that have served in the Marine Corps, Air Force, and the U.S. Army for the last 23 years. All of these for very low prices. If you want true facts about the efficiency of these products, you can read some testimonials in the website.

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More – Video Surveillance Shop

  • March 30, 2008

SuperCircuits.comAre you in need of a business security system or a personal protection system? On you will be able to find all kinds of security systems to protect your home, your business, and most importantly, yourself. The services provided by this site give you the chance to buy digital video recorders for video surveillance purposes.

By visiting you can take a look at the products this company has to offer for law enforcement purposes. You can also read about video surveillance and how it works, and to find data about security systems to protect your business.

In conclusion, on Supercircuits you will be able to find information about the products you can buy for personal protection, business security and law enforcement purposes. Therefore, if you are thinking about installing security systems in your business, feel free to stop by, in order to buy digital video recorders and more.

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More – Video Security Systems

  • March 11, 2008

EzWatchStore.comConcerned about your home or business security? Don’t be anymore: visit this site to discover the plentiful options you have to install closed-circuit and video surveillance systems to help deter burglars from damaging you or your home/business. EzWatchStore.

com is an eCommerce site stocking from the most basic to the more sophisticated options when it comes to video surveillance, with a good plus: you needn’t be too familiarized with video or surveillance equipment to understand what your best options are, as the site is very user-friendly and when you are taking a look at the products, you get highly detailed information of the uses, advantages and requirements for each of them –the kind of information you’d get from a really nice store clerk— plus tech details for those who understand them. If you are looking for accessories, like cables, wires or power supplies, you will also be able to find a selection of those at You can also visit the downloads section to get brochures and introductory guides which will allow you to make a confident decision in regard to your surveillance system, plus you can get tutorials, instruction manuals and installation tips as well.

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