More – A New Classifieds Site Emerges

  • December 22, 2009

Surfsie.comSurfsie is a young classifieds site. It covers each and every State within the US, and these are listed one by one on the main page.

You can see a number next to each one showcasing how active the State is in terms of postings, and you can create a listing very easily. You have to submit some basic contact information and then choose the relevant categories and subcategories. A headline is also chosen, and (when the ad is about a specific item) you have to provide information about its actual condition (EG, new, open, mint…). Of course, you also have a big box for inputting the actual description of the item. Once you have taken care of this process, it will be reviewed in order to see that everything’s fine. If all goes well it will be displayed.

If there is some problem with the actual content (IE, it looks a bit deceptive or scammy) you will be provided a chance to rephrase it once, so that it will be reconsidered for inclusion.

The whole idea is coming up with a site which is easy to use, and in that sense the site delivers – if there is something you wish to sell or advertise, you can do so in just a couple of clicks. I don’t know if it can compete with sites like Craiglist, but I am under the impression that is not the point. Rather, it just attempts to stand as a side alternative where the emphasis is on ease of use.

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