More – A Different Way Of Browsing The WWW

  • January 6, 2010

MyselfToGo.comIn how many directions can the social web go? If you thought you had seen it all already, let me quote Bachman-Turner Overdive: “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. There are applications like Myself To Go which do noting but broaden the scope.

In this specific case, what it does is to let you share anything you come across when surfing the WWW with others by opening a window and using it to convey information. In that way, anybody can see where it is that his friends are located on the Net, and share audio and images with them along with media of every kind. Besides, people can use this application in order to annotate websites and share insight such as “This online store is great, check the ‘Bargains’ section” or “This guy rips people off, don’t get near him”.

What is more interesting, though, are the functionalities that are yet to come. These will include an API for updating information from your every site at a fell swoop along with one for taking a site’s content and storing it in another whenever you want that to be done. When these are ready (and when the site is more punchy from the point of view of its design) this can turn some heads around.

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