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  • April 15, 2008

Mckenziesp.comThis is the online taxidermy store of McKenzie Taxidermy Supply. This company offers an online taxidermy catalog you can browse, that includes mounting supplies, finishing supplies, protection and safety gear, and much more. You can buy a lizard online, as well as many other replicas you can find on the online taxidermy catalog.

This website will let you buy online taxidermy products, ranging from reproductions, to supplies and tools. You can buy online knives and scalpels, scissors, machinery, grooming tools, and many other taxidermy products. On you can also buy a lizard online, in addition to other replicas. Feel free to browse to find different instruction and reference resources provided by the taxidermy school.

Take a look at and buy online taxidermy products and supplies. Feel free to browse the online taxidermy catalog and find a variety of taxidermy products. The taxidermy school section features instruction resources, as well as information on books and manuals.

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