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  • March 12, 2008

Metagenics.comDiscover the secrets of Genetic Potential through scientific researches about nutrition. It has been researched that medical foods and nutraceuticals can improve your health quality.

Metagenics is a leader in the subject of nutrigenomics and functional medicine and their products are considered worldwide by healthcare specialists and practitioners. Consider this website to check all products and programs developed by this company by browsing their online catalog, which you can do by product name, by ingredient within the search box or alphabetically. Several categories organize this site’s content covering all the imaginary healthcare issues from fiber, cardiovascular conditions, herbs, women’s care, to vitamins and medical foods. About this last subject you might find really interesting products that act as dietary support with pure and safe ingredients. Overall a well organized and structured scientific source for patients and practitioners struggling to improve the quality of others’ health, nutrition and wellness while understanding the key role of quality nutritional formulas and programs.

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