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  • October 11, 2008

FreshPressThemes.comAre you looking for WordPress Themes that will make your blog stand heads and shoulders above the rest? If that is so, you are advised to point your browser to the aptly-named FreshPressThemes website. There you can read about that company’s latest product, a modular WordPress theme titled SuperPress.

This will enable you to modify the outlook of your blog merely by activating or deactivating a module.

Of course, this theme can be customized the way a blogger sees fit, and a wide-ranging collection of modules are featured. Customization is dealt with in a very convenient manner, since SuperPress features an admin interface which makes for implementing changes without having to edit codes.

The complete list of modules is included on the site for reference purposes, and the same goes for the featured color options. The latter is accompanied by a series of slideshows which are provided for reference purposes.

Lastly, it is interesting to note that the theme is search engine friendly, and a list of the most popular SEO plug-ins is featured on the site for you to peruse at will.

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