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  • August 26, 2012 introduces its viewers to a new world of understanding of healing spiritually physically and emotionally. This site provides an explanation of Angel Therapy with its about link. On this page it talks about spiritual healing and how you can come to the place of healing through the knowledge of angelic beings and their purpose in your life. There is an about Doreen tab on which tells about her call and how it has been prevalent in her life even as a child. She has an events and courses tab that notifies you when her workshops are available and her different courses are open. The bookstore tab gives the visitor access to products and even apps for your phone. There are different books, audio cassettes, CDs, and kits available for purchase. Angel Therapy has a community of people that have benefited from the methods used on the site as well as the testimony of others. If you have questions there is a section on the site that will answer all of your questions and whatever concerns you have about the service. Whatever questions are not answered in the frequently asked questions section may be answered by contacting them through the website. If you are interested in hearing other people’s testimonials then there is a message board that you may participate in. You can also sign up for the e-newsletter which will be sent to your email. is very informative and offers an alternative healing method that involves the supernatural.

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More – Index Unusual Phenomena

  • March 10, 2008

Paranormality.comAlmost everyone thinks that there is no way that the world is so simple and plain as other people suggest. Many people feel the need to believe that there is much more beyond the thinks that can easily be seen.

Sometimes people needs to believe that they can connect to their loved ones that past away and that they kind find out how the futures is going to be. If you are interested in any of these areas, all you have to do is visit the Paranormality web page. On this site you can check out every letter of the alphabet and find out what supernatural phenomena article they have about it. Some of the different subjects you can read about on this site are: tarot cards, electrokinesis, mediums, moon phase and more. They also have a directory where you can find the location of different hunted places, such as hunted houses, castle, pubs and more. Buying any of their paranormal and spiritual jewelery is also a possibility that this web page offers you.

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More – Ghost Page

  • March 4, 2008

castleofspirits.comI’m afraid of no ghosts! Well, certainly that 80’s movie which had not only a catchy tune, but a catchy slogan must have been inspired by something real. Supernatural events have been registered ever since not only the first days of christianism, but since the days where the pharaohs where prepared for the afterlife.

Many religions hold on to the same basic statement, that we consist on an ethereal body bonded together to a physical one. In some cases, it is said that this link can be broken but the soul stays attached to the world of the living. The site has a big archive full of stories and pictures submitted by other visitors just like you. At you’ll be able to satiate your thirst for ghost’s stories, pictures and other paranormal experiences. If you have some experiences that you’ll like to share with the rest of the world this is the best place to publish them. If you are being sceptic about the subject, this is your chance to decide whether you stand by your credo or if there’s something beyond our limits.

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