More – Foursquare For Board Games

  • May 6, 2011

SuperMeeple.comAs the title of the review puts it, SuperMeeple is the equivalent of Foursquare for board games. The idea is that through this site those who enjoy playing such games can check in to them, and let everybody else know what they are playing (and with whom).

SuperMeeple works with Facebook. That is, you are not needed to create an account to check in to any game. All you have to do is to head to the site, sign in using your Facebook credentials, and then search for the game that you are about to play. If that game is indeed featured on the database (quite likely – tons of games are featured) then you will be able to check in to the game, and add both the scores and players that apply.

And mobile apps are meant to be released soon, letting you check in to these games that you enjoy playing from wherever you are. An app for Android phones is the first in line, with more coming later on.

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