More – Ensure Your Passwords Are Safe

  • May 18, 2010

SuperGenPass.comThere are many tools for the management of passwords, and many times these fail to capture the attention of users because the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. That is, there is no end to the collection of tools that let you store your passwords either online or on your hard drive.

The one disadvantage that this has is that your information is not safe from data loss or theft at the hands of any (averagely) skilled hacker.

The SuperGenPass website aims to stand as a more reliable solution for the ones who recognize the importance of storing all their passwords in one way or the other, but who are dubious of having such information centralized on the WWW. In essence, SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet that will let you create a master password that can then be used to access any site. That is, there is no software to install – SuperGenPass runs in the browser, and since it doesn’t store or transmit a single thing it is the perfect tool for these times you have to use a public computer. Nobody else is having access to your information.

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