More – Maximize Your Airline Miles

  • June 28, 2011

Superfly.comThose of you who are frequent flyers, this is the service you have been waiting for. Superfly is a web platform that will let you understand exactly which flights to take in order to accumulate the largest number of miles, and (once you have them) know exactly how and where to use them. This Tel Aviv-based startup can take care of evaluating the different program benefits and tell you which flight you should consider taking in order to reap the biggest gains.

Of course, Superfly can do that because the application keeps track of all your rewards, miles, and spending times to begin with. All that data is plotted on a dashboard the minute you have signed up for Superfly, and it is actually updated as you go along.

Registration to the service, incidentally, costs absolutely nothing. You have to specify the airlines, hotels and car rental companies that you use the most, and also to provide some information regarding which types of flights you are most likely to use your miles for. That will be it. Your dashboard will be built up for you to keep a good watch of how many miles you have, and how many you are still to go in order to get where you want.

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