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  • April 29, 2008

Sun-n-fun.orgThis is the official website of Sun’n Fun, a Lakeland, Florida based organization that has been promoting aviation safety for almost 30 years. Year after year, on each April, this organization organizes their annual convention.

With the time, this event got so big that it’s now the second largest of its kind. On these conventions you can access to more than 450 workshops, either for novice or experienced pilots. Also, on each day there’s an air show scheduled for plane lovers. Besides that, this organization has year-round programs and has an Air Museum in Florida. On their website you can learn more about Sun’n Fun, their conventions and their programs. Also get all the latest news on aviation and find out about other events. You can also contribute with them and even become a volunteer. Finally, if you are planning to go to their annual convention, you can buy your tickets online.

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